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Every year the International Olive Council organises the competition for the Mario Solinas Quality Award. The aim of organising this competition is to encourage individual producers, producer associations and packers in the producing countries to market extra virgin olive oils displaying harmonious organoleptic characteristics and to encourage consumers to recognise and appreciate the sensory attributes of such oils.

The international competition for extra virgin olive oils leading to the Mario Solinas Quality Award of the International Olive Council (IOC) was launched in the 2000–2001 crop year in the wake of the Council’s 1993 decision to create it as a memorial and tribute to one of the most important advocates of the sensory analysis of virgin olive oil, the late Professor Mario Solinas of Italian nationality. Its chief objective is to select the extra virgin olive oils entered for the competition that display the best organoleptic characteristics in each of the categories established in these rules.

Extra virgin olive oils presented by registered individual producers, producers’ associations and packers may be entered for the competition. Two editions of the competition will be held in 2015 in order to increase the number and geographical diversity of entries.

The deadline for the first will be 29 January 2015 while the time limit for the registration and presentation of samples for the second will be 21 May 2015.

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