Main qualitative aspects of Olive Oil

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Olive oils are characterized by high quality thanks to their chemical composition and sensory characteristics, enhanced by their use as seasoning.

The monitoring of olive oil quality is very accurate both in terms of chemical and sensorial analysis. The overall evaluation of these results provide information on various aspects of product quality and defines the various types.

Main qualitative aspects :

The Freshness
A young oil, well preserved and obtained from healthy olives respecting correct agronomic practices and technologies.

The Genuinity
An oil derived exclusively from olives and obtained in compliance with the law.

The Taste
An oil where you can enjoy the flavors and aromas naturally present in the drupa and transferred with appropriate technology during the extraction of oil.

The Nutritional Value
An oil rich in antioxidants that slow the natural aging process of the body and prevent chronic disease.

The Security
An oil obtained in accordance with strict methods that ensure the perfect state of health and absence of contaminants.

The following table shows the analytical parameters and sensory quality characteristics grouped according to which they are linked.

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