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After having spent time on the Greek island of Crete, Piccirillo became intimately familiar with olive oil. Upon returning to the states she read about an ongoing authenticity crisis in the industry regarding imported olive oil. Many bottles of imported olive oil on the supermarket shelves bear a label with four little words — extra virgin olive oil—and while the title is sleek, it is often erroneous as more than half of the imported bottles of olive oil are compromised, thus not pure at all.

All oils are not created equal and it’s no secret to agriculture industry experts and many consumers that imported olive oil is often diluted and fraudulently labeled as Extra Virgin — a title reserved for the highest grade of oil. According to the California Olive Oil Council nearly two-thirds of oils on super market shelves are falsely labeled as extra virgin grade based on three studies performed by the University of California, Davis Olive Center.

The issue of oil integrity, while not new, has served to inspire a movement of purists such as Piccirillo who have committed to doing their due diligence to offer the public authentic and honest olive oil.

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