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“Roots that go back in time. Branches reaching out for the sun.The pure Messenian fertile land. Our past and present on both sides of the silver-green leaf. This is our family tree. The tree we have grown up with. The respect for our culture.This is LIÁ, our nature’s goodness sealed in a white bottle.”
LIA’ Cultivators

Bob Studio, created an elegant brand and package design for LIÁ extra virgin olive oil. “The logo mark refers to the traditional way and means used to produce olive oil.” Bob Studio also created a decorative pattern by breaking down the logo elements, the light and delecate line quality of these pattern is also apparent in the typography of the piece – from the brand’s name to the descriptive type.

The shape of the bottle (even without the two handles) is similar to olive oil containters that was used in Ancient Greece – these subtle hints of tradition creates a link to the heritage of the brand, without looking old or dated. LIÁ is VERY contemporary and chic, yet rich in tradition and cultural histroy. You only need to know where to look.

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