Le Moulin d'Opio - Artisan Olive Oil in French Provence

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Nestled amid olive trees in the gentle foothills between Grasse and Cannes, which locals call l’arrière pays niçois, lies the Moulin d’Opio, home to olive oil of unquestionable provenance. From humble origins in 1848, a thriving enterprise has been created by seven generations of the family Michel. Early one misty morning in October, I meandered up from the coast to meet family member Laetitia Agnello, who showed me the fascinating workings of the mill – ancient and modern.

The early wooden implements and mechanisms on display in the mill’s reception area are virtual antiques now, polished smooth with decades of wear. Pride of place is given to examples of the massive granite grinding wheels which are still used to turn the olives into paste – this method has remained largely unchanged since Roman times.

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