Kreenes Ultra Premium: A Gift of Life from Greece

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“The Kreenes Ultra Premium olive oil produced from olives grown in the best organic olive groves in the world located in the hilly areas of southern Laconia of Greece.

It is a place with rich soil, plenty of sunshine, around the sea.

This is the ideal microclimate for olive succeed. A special variety of olives grown in Laconia, known as ‘Athinoelia’ and ‘Koroneiki.’

This ‘Athinoelia’ grows only in the southern region of Laconia and produce the most durable, and really rare aromatic olive oil.”

Kreenes Ultra Premium: A Gift of Life

“on the footsteps of an ancient phylosophy Drawing upon a great legacy Seeking out for the secrets of wellness”

Drawing upon knowledge and experience gained from the past…

The olive tree, its cultivation, the olive fruit products and their use coincides with Greece’s long history. The ancient and famous legend holds that Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, blessed the city that was named after her with the most precious gift, that of an olive tree. The Athenians soon realized the importance of this divine gift and created a sacred grove of olive trees dedicated to their patroness Athena. This sacred grove contributed to the wealth and prosperity of the city and supported its population in hard times.

In Sparta, archaeologists have unearthed findings showing that the fruit of the olive tree has been a key component in the diet of the local people since prehistoric times. The climate conditions in the region have favored the expansion of olive cultivation since antiquity. In the Spartan tradition olive oil became the synonym of health and longevity. Ancient Sparta’s athletes and warriors used oil to rub their bodies.

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