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The writer, professor and entrepreneur Ioannis Kampouris from Imvrian descent, knows the secrets of olive oil. So he created an olive oil full of flavors, aromas and memories that won prizes in international competitions.

The legacy of his grandparents becomes his standard for the uncompromising quality of E-LA-WON products.
John Kampouris smWe are talking about extra virgin olive oil with fresh olive scent, which begins to conquer distinctions and awards in domestic and international quality competitions.
Mr. Ioannis Kampouris’ motto is “dreams and quality know no borders. The olive oil market has enormous growth potential. ”

Question: What are the hidden secrets of your product name?
Answer: The name is the original syllabographic version of the word OIL = E-LA-WON in Linear B, the first version of the Greek Language, in the Mycenaean period from the 17th to the 13th century BC. The ideogram, shown in perspective-linear forms which are part of our logo, is visually readable.

Question: So your product took you as far as Japan and Israel ?
Answer: In the annual International Competition of Olive «OLIVE JAPAN» held in Tokyo in April 2015 by the Japan Link of Olive Oil Sommelier that brings the highest standards of integrity and professionalism and applies the strictest quality criteria, distinguished ELAWON as one of the excellent virgin olive oils and won the silver medal. We also won the gold medal at the Olive Oil World Contest «Terraolivo International Competition 2015» in June 2015, held in Israel.

Question: And what about the packaging prize?
Answer: In “7th Elaiotechnia 2015 Mediterranean exhibition of olive and olive oil ‘, the most comprehensive report on the olive sector in Greece, ELAWON won the Gold Packaging Award and got a praise for the overall image. The package is like a museum showcase andn it offers a day experience full of aesthetics, history and flavor.

Question: Do these distinctions create responsibility?
Answer: It works as an incentive for even greater distinctions in international competitions. We insist on the systematic work and on maintaining our quality standards of the E-LA-WON, like the aromas range, the unique flavors of the blessed Peloponnesian land. We respect the consumer and propose a timeless genuine product that encompasses our love and desire. Although we are young in the project, we have five generations of family tradition which goes back to 1858.

Question: Did the crisis scare you?
Answer: I am a writer, professor and businessman and was recently turned into somebody dealing with land and olive oil. What moved me to take this turn was a combination of memories, passion and sorrow. Memories of the olive trees of Imvros, which is Turkish now. An unforgettable childhood… The “Liostasi”, the oil mill in the village next to the stream, the smell of oil from the golden faucet, damp with all the scents of the island, the “sfides” with the oil of the year in the basement, this first oil-bread, called “ladopsomo” with salt and oregano, all these images made me, when I was away from the place of my homeland, convey all this tradition to my privately owned olive groves in the blessed land of the Peloponnese, in the eternal land of the Atreides.

Question: What makes your product stand out?
Answer: It is the same recipe handed down from generation to generation. A unique dining experience, the result of long experience and know-how, responsibility and respect of the human-consumer. Also its authentic taste, that of pure olive oil, exactly as it was 3500 years ago, from olives grown in mild ways, environmentally friendly, pesticide-free, chemical-free formulations and zero pollution index.

Question: What is the variety of your product? What are the features available?
Answer: Our oil olive is of the “Koroneiki” variety, the queen of the oil that is in the highest position in the value system of the Mediterranean gastronomy products. It is a result of “cold” export, with marvelous organoleptic properties, low acidity with fruity tomato leaf aromas and lemon flower, with subtle and spicy almond flavor and a slightly bitter aftertaste of the early harvest, as the harvest is done when the olives are painted with their best colour, the golden. It contains high amount of polyphenols – oleocanthal and oleacain- that contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.

Question: Is the olive oil market in our country interesting?
Answer: The “Liquid Gold of Greece” must be given the place it deserves in the stock of nutrition and health. We looked back to go forward and we built the E-LA-WON whose values excel in quality, taste and price. The product is produced in strictly limited quantities and will be available in delicatessen and selected luxury hotels in Greece, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and England while in the immediate plans is the development and distribution in the US and Russia.

Question: And how does all this feel for the creator?
Answer: “When you make it, you feel like an alchemist of nature, as it encapsulates bottled sunshine and the generosity of Greek olives and these waves of flavors that are emerging and dancing as if in a festival …”

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