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Japan, nowadays grows olive oil trees in several places within the country: in Kunisaki, Oita Region, in Nagayo, Nagasaki Region, in Setutsi, Okayama Region and Sontoshima, Kagawa Region.

The latter is called “The Mediterranean of Japan” and shows the highest production with its 10-20 tons of olive oil.

In Kyushu in the same region Kiyudenko company , concerned with electrical projects, planted in 2009 2,000 hectares in a region where previously orange trees were growing. Today it boasts 1,250 trees and has already sold its next crop of olive oil.

The consumption of olive oil in Japan keeps increasing as we can see in the data of IOC below.
By the end of 2013 imports reached 45,571 tons showing an increase of 17% in comparison to 2011. The same level of increase was exhibited in 2013, 18%.

Italy is the market leader holding a share of 60%.

Spain on the other hand is struggling with a 30% market share, while the remaining 10% is covered mainly by Turkey followed by Greece, Chile, Argentina, Tunisia etc.

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