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Zoë is sweet,nutty and smooth as butter with a slight peppery finish. As soon as you open a Bottle of Zoë olive oil and take a sniff your senses get hit with the aroma of fresh pressed Koroneiki olives. Zoë is an amazingly fresh and vibrant oil that pairs well with fresh fish and sea food,meats,salads,certain cheeses and on its own for dipping or as a finishing oil.


Zoë olives are hand picked and pressed within hours in order to produce the highest quality olive oil possible. Our oil is first cold press extra virgin of that years harvest.

We are two cousins, Panagiotis from Messinia, Greece, and Tony from Montreal, Quebec.We are a micro importer that have decided to start selling the very olive oil our family in Greece has been eating and producing for hundreds of years. Now we would like to bring you in to our family and have you enjoy what we have had the privilege of eating for as long as we can remember.

Our philosophy is to provide you with the same gourmet extra virgin olive oil our family has been producing & enjoying for hundreds of years. We only bottle that years harvest to ensure you get the best and freshest olive oil available. Our promise is to make sure you are eating the highest quality and healthiest olive oil in the world. Our olive oil is made from 100% Koroneiki olives which produces olive oil with one of highest Monounsaturated fats and antioxidants in the world. Monounsaturated fats are what are known as good fats, they have been proven to reduce bad cholesterol and help to prevent heart disease.

Trifilia, where we are from, and koroni are known as the best places in all of the world for the highest quality of olive oil. Zoë is grown on our estates in the hills of Morena in Filiatra as well as in Gargalianoi by the Ocean. The combination of the two very special growing areas gives us our distinct taste and superior quality olive oil. The ocean, hills and valleys of Messinia provide the perfect climate for olive trees to flourish. The fruit that emerges creates an olive oil that is sweet, nutty and smooth as butter. The olive oil is extracted using the cold-press method and we only sell the first press extra virgin. One taste and you will see the difference we promise.

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