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Our olive oil enhances the experience of all cooking, in salads, on your favorite bread and can even be consumed straight on a table spoon in the morning.


Our job for the harvest season starts when the color of the Koroneiki olives at our cultivation begins to shift from green to black, which usually occurs in the middle of November.

We do not use any fertilizers our other chemical substances that might harm the organic harmony at our cultivation.

The olives are harvested by hand and are brought to the press quickly, which is located just beside the cultivation.

The olive oil is then extracted with mechanical means only, using the latest technology at very low temperatures, around 25 degrees Celsius.

The olive oil is then kept for one month before we bottle and ship it to end customers and retailers.

The result is an Organic Premium Olive Oil with a beautiful green color and hints of gold. It has a light fruity scent, a balanced taste and leaves a long fresh aftertaste.

Our Olive Oil enhances the experience of all cooking, salads and can even be consumed straight on a table spoon in the morning.

We began our journy in 2011. Our cultivation of the Koroneiki variety is located at Kastelli on the northwest part of the Greek island Crete.

This area of Crete has truly been blessed by the Gods since the dawn of the Minoan civilization. The sun drenched scenery together with cold winters and it´s fertile soil creates ideal conditions to produce Olive Oil on the next level.

Our philosophy is that understanding on how traditions, nature, and organic cultivations collaborate enables us to offer a organic Olive Oil that touch the senses of the high-end demanding consumer.

Today our main market is Europe but our aim is to offer our Olive Oil all over the World.

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35.208594, 25.338265699999965
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Yiannis Pateromichelakis

Awards & Accolades

BIOL Award that goes to the world's best organic olive oils. Takes place in Andria, Italy. Greece's Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2007, 2011 and 2012. Prestigo Oro award during OLIVINUS-race in Mendoza, Argentina (2012) Gold Medal in the category of organic extra virgin olive oil during the fifth festival of olive oils in Athens (2012) Bronze Medal in China's Seventh International Competition for organic extra virgin olive oil (2012) Award in extra virgin category during BioFach in Germany (2011) Two gold medals during OLIVINUS international tournament in Mendoza, Argentina (2011) Gold Medal in the international image competition for olive oils in Los Angeles, USA (2010) Gold Medal in the international competition AVPA for olive oils in France (2009)

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