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The Sienna Municipality Taste Evaluation Commission has described Laleli Olive Oil as an appetizer oil with the note of light yield of fruit, bitterness and sharpness.

The jury of the Northern Olive Oil Show in Australia has described it as having a good green banana aroma, reasonably firm palate with moderate flavors and bitterness.


AWe do produce table olives and bottle olive oil by using olive only from our own trees that are hand-picked in our manufacturing plant. Therefore, the oil we produce is traceable to the orchard. We process the collected olives in our own factory. The oil produced is then stored under nitrogen that allow the organoleptic characteristics and anti-oxidant value of the oil to be maintained. We keep every step of our production process under the close scrutiny and control by using our food and environmental industrial analysis laboratory.

Laleli Olive and Olive Oil Establishment is a family business that was established in 1998 by combining the experience in the health sector and the family roots concentrated in olive oil business. Laleli’s establishment is located around Edremit Bay in the northern part of Aegean See on west cost of Anatolia. Edremit Bay is one of the worldwide famous olive growing areas where the native olive tree takes name of the Bay “Adremittion”. Adremittion type olives present a distinct type of olive peculiar to special characteristics of Mediterranean. Offer a different taste, more suitable for oil production, long lasting finishing due to its high antioxidant power. We have more than 50,000 trees around the bay area for organic and conventional farming.

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39.47182792077161, 26.92898367997259
(266) 416 45 67, (212)265 66 17, (312) 446 23 16

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Yahya Laleli

Awards & Accolades

  • Monde Selection 2012 – Gold Medal & International High Quality Award
  • Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2012 – Gold Medal (both Laurel Aromatic EVOO and Thyme Aromatic EVOO)
  • ITQI Superior Taste Award 2012 – 2 Golden Stars (Early Harvest EVOO)
  • BIOL 2012 – Sılver Medal (Organic EVOO)
  • Monde Selection 2011 – Gold Medal
  • ITQI Superior Taste Award 2011 – 2 Golden Stars (both Early Harvest EVOO & Organic EVOO)
  • Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2011 – Gold Medal (Hot Red Pepper Aromatic EVOO)
  • Monde Selection 2010 – Gold Medal
  • ITQI Superior Taste Award 2010 – 3 Golden Stars (Early Harvest EVOO) & 2 Golden Stars (Organic EVOO)

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