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Our oil has an intense green color. Smells of olives, chlorophyll, nuts. It has an intense flavor, determined, slightly spicy, without bitter feeling.


Our oil is obtained only by hand harvested olives from the trees worked in three hours from harvesteing, using only technical tools and at low temperature – never exceed 27 ° c. After the oil goes through pure cotton for light filtration.

We harvest the same trees in three times:

Early for increasing “fruity”;

End of November for increasing poliphenolic compounds (the taste);

And in December, after froozen night for increasing polisaccharydes (the roundness).

From the ancient times tuscany is known as a heart of Italian wine-making, where is montepulciano undoubtedly is a heart of tuscany winery. Apennines mountain chain protects this region from the cold northeast winds and to the west it is warmed by tyrrhenian sea waves. The best florentine stake in the world, sheep’s milk cheeses, variety of green salads, fresh fish, juicy rich tomatoes, gentle sun, sunflower and wheat fields of yellow-green limoncello color, lavender horizons, smoky slopes – isn’t it a heaven on the earth?

Poggio al moro estate is located in the middle of this heaven, to the south from Montepulciano, in the neighborhood of old Chianciano. This area was famous for its rich agricultural lands since ancient times. Roads, hidden behind cypresses, pleasant view of vineyards and olive groves – it’s an atmosphere in which for more then three centuries poggio al moro owners produce tuscany wine and olive oil, famous all over the world. Today all products of the estate are represented under the brand name poggio del moro. In ancient times the territory of modern Tuscany was occupied by etruscan also known as tuscan. They are considered to be creators of the first highly developed civilization on apennine peninsula that attained many achievements long before rome republic among which are big cities with wonderful architecture, wide drainage and irrigation systems, alphabet and later even stamping of coins.

Etruscan treated their lands with love and care and their solicitous work predetermined toscana’s future, known for its fertile soil since ancient times. Poggio al moro was founded in the xviii century, when Bonci casuccini family had brought all local territories and established in montepulciano area chianciano estate. Count Pietro Bonci Casuccini who owned the estate in the beginning of the xix century was keen on archeology and found many etruscan civilizations remains in the native land. But more then that he was keen on agriculture, that is why his vineyards and olive groves were well-known in the whole region, and during his life the estate lands had grown up to 1400 hectares between chuisi and chianciano.

Since those times thanks to its caring owners poggio al moro preserved its original look. For a while the main villa of the estate belonged to Giulietta Masina – Italian actress, wife and muse of Federico Fellini. Up to nowadays Poggio al moro remains a place of well-groomed vineyards and olive trees bright with green and silver, and a magic Tuscany air, which turns all its harvest into magnificent and amazingly healthy products – wine, olive oil and truffles.

In Poggio al Moro estate olive groves occupy the territory of two hectares, located on the top of the hills. These lands are tilled by the estate owners only manually as it’s not a secret that olives require much care. Golden rule of ecologically friendly production and fidelity to italian traditions in poggio al moro is used not only in wine-making but also in production of extra virgin olive oil. Ancient science teaches – when pruning trees leave a space for a bird to fly between main branches without touching leafs with its wings. A tree shouldn’t get wet otherwise olives will become moldy before they are delivered to the press.

Many years ago Virgil advised to make press at night when dew softens the stubble. There are many signs indicating the best time for gathering in the harvest – moon has good and bad days for that. Most healthy in the world extra virgin olive oil can be produced only following old traditions of treating olive trees. Olives rose in Poggio al Moro are pleased with their life and every morning unwind their thankful silver leafs towards the sun.

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Poggio del Moro
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Via Cavine E Valli, 79 53042 Chianciano Terme (SI) P.Iva and Rea 10038761002
43.0527467, 11.84938360000001
+39 33 94 38 15 18 (Italian); +39 95 64 68 97 (English)

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Poggio del Moro
Poggio del Moro

Awards & Accolades

  • L’ORCIOLO D’ORO 2011
  • POGGIO DEL MORO WON the award in 20 concorso nazionale oli extravergini di oliva, “l’orciolo d’oro” – distinzione.
  • L’ORO D’ITALIA 2011
  • the EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE oil of POGGIO DEL MORO won the award in premio nazionale 2011 “l’oro d’italia” – attestato di qualita, tipologia blend, categoria fruttato leggero.

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