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Genuine and fragrant with a fruity flavor that exalts any dish of the good cuisine.


The olives are washed and defoliated; for crushing olives using the ancient stone wheels (mills), which crush the olives, pasta that is obtained through dispensing machines is distributed fiber discs (now synthetic fiber plant once) called straining, which are placed one above the other stacked on a trolley which is then brought to the press to get the oil with mechanical pressing.

Reduced mechanical stress of the olive fruit is an advantage for this type of traditional system.

The origin of the oilmill “Old oilmill Pace” goes back to the early 1900 derived by the need of the founder, grandfather Paul, to use the olives grown in the family fields.

Today, his descendants continue to produce oil with the same passion and traditional methods, and only with wholesome olives, the extra virgin oil,  genuine and fragrant with a fruity flavor that exalts any dish of the good cuisine.

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Viale Aldo Moro, 26 Castellana Grotte (Ba) Italy
40.881448, 17.169470000000047
(+39) 080 496 5087

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