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The position of the brand Ourogal is the market of Premium and Gourmet, offering the consumer an origin and a guarantee of quality.

Our range of products is destinate to give the ultimate touch in seasoning with the aim of reinforce the Mediterranean gastronomy with its smells, aromas, and flavours.

Olive oil from Ourogal are slightly fruited, fresh and persistent in the mouth.


Our modern oil press for continuous extraction of two ecological phases has been built and equipped according to our branding position, with the guarantee of the best cold extraction without modifying the delicate characteristics obtained by the olive juice.

Upon arriving in the oil press, olives are separated and classified by variety and provenience, washed ans crushed.

It is only after being crushed that oil can be extracted separating the solid part from the liquid one by processes highly developed, far away from the traditional ones.

Finally the olive juice is centrifuged to separate the water. Later on, already in the inox deposits, the oil decants naturally at a controlled temperature.

Born from a traditional familiy of the Ribatejo region, the “Sociedade Agricola Casal das Sarnadas” found in the production of the olive oil “OUROGAL” a unique form of recreate the traditions of several generations connected to the olive culture, giving the opportunity to today’s consumers to taste the flavours of yesterday way.

The firm “OUROGAL S.A” was built in 2007 and is entirely dedicated to the process of transformation and merchandising all products of the “Sociedade Agricola Casal das Sarnadas”, owner of 98% of the capital, and still open to other players of olive oil interested in the sector of premiums and gourmets olive oil.

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Casal das Sarnadas São Miguel do Rio Torto 2205 - 570 Abrantes - Portugal
39.4312812, -8.214635000000044
351 241 861 182

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Ourogal, S.A.
Three Cultivars: Galician, Cobrançosa, Arbequina

Awards & Accolades

  • Concurso Internacional Mário Solinas – 2º Classificado 2003
  • Olivimoura – 2º Classificado
  • IV Feira Nacional de Olivicultura Luso Espanhola – 1º Classificado
  • Feira Nacional de Campo Maior – 3º Classificado
  • Feira Nacional de Municípios Olivícolas – 3º Classificado
  • Feira Nacional de Azeite de Abrantes – 1º Clasificad

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