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Moria Elea is a blend of extra virgin olive oil (manaki & koroneiki varieties) with rich aromatic character and pungent attributes of medium intensity.

Aromatic profile

“Fresh green with distinctive notes of green olive leaves, sweet herbal and aromatic fruity with apple skins connotations. Rich and powerful with a pleasing overall sensation.”

The organoleptic assessment shows that Moria Elea is a blend extra virgin olive oil with rich aromatic character and pungent attributes of medium intensity. Lightly bitter. Well balanced with harmony in its robust olive flavor.


Our production’s procedure begins with growing, harvesting, milling, storing , and completes with the standardization.


According to soil,water and leaf analysis and with the guidance of an expertised team from the agricultural univerisity of Athens we implement the best and safest methods of growing .


At the right stage of olive’s life circle, we begin harvesting. We implement hand-picking methods where the fruit is put into specialized plastic containers which allow the air to keep the fruit fresh at an acceptable temperature.


Carry out the fruit at the oil press every four (4) hours,where olive oil is produced with the cold extraction method


Olive Vision was founded in 2011 by Kostas Balafas and Antonis Dimarakis. The company is a small family business with expertise in producing extra virgin olive oil and trading premium olive products. Over the last 30 years, the Dimarakis family is focused on agricultural production in Ermioni, a beautiful village build upon a small canaveral at Peloponnesus.Kostas Balafas, is a well experienced marketeer (BSc in International & European studies , MSc in Marketing & communication with new technologies) with a 12 years multinational background in FMCG market and a vision of developing unique marketing strategies in order to create high end olive oil brands.

Kostas’ experience in marketing with expertise in new product development, combined with Antonis’ passion for his olive trees and his son’s Giorgos, dedication to perfection during production, led them to the creation of Olive Vision. The project began on 2010 with own capitals. The company has a vertical structure (own plants, offices and warehouse) which includes all production stages from production to consumer. Olive Vision’s offices are in Athens while the plants and warehouse are based in Ermioni.

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Business Address

Marathonodromou 41-45, Marousi 15124, Athens, Greece
38.0506103, 23.80476539999995
(+30) 211 7002 719

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Moria Elea
Manaki Koroneiki

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Awards & Accolades

“Moria Elea Deluxe” : Silver Medal in Taste at New York Internatio​nal EVOO Competitio​n 2013 Olive Vision as exhibitor at “Greece Festival Taste 2013 Moria Elea Deluxe won 2 Medals at Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition! Olive Vision & Moria Elea at gastronomy festival «Greece Celebration Taste» in Athens 12-14 /4

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