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Its rich taste of green fruits, with sweet notes of bitter almond and green apple, and a strong yet very balanced peppery finish, OLIBIO extra virgin olive oil gives a gourmet touch to all your dishes, boosting their taste.


• The olives are timely harvest at the right moment of ripening and then transported into our extraction within 24 hours.
• They are cleaned by means of air-blowing and washed off with clean water. They are fed into a steel drum mill where the grinding process takes place in order to release the oil droplets contained in the mesocarp vacuoles.
• The olive paste undergoes a 50 minutes shaking process at a temperature no more than 27oC so as to preserve all of the physical-chemical components responsible for its organoleptic qualities.
• The homogenous olive paste is fed into a horizontal decanter certifigure, where the oil is extracted by being separated from the heavier components.
• The oil coming from the decanter is centrifuged so as to eliminate traces of water and the remaining solid particles.
• The olive oil is stored in stainless tanks to be preserved under proper temperature and humidity conditions.

OLIBIO PRODUCTS is a family business from Kalamata, aiming to produce and promote a wide range of agricultural products, including extra virgin olive oil, table olives and other olive products.
With over 100 years experience in olive farming and olive oil production, we are working hard to expand and diversify our family business. This idea came from our passion for olive tree and olive oil, handled down to us by our grandparents along their Mediterranean values, sentiments and traditions.
OLIBIO extra virgin olive oil, OLIBIO Kalamata olives and the other olive products of our company, is entirely produced from Messenia, the land of Olive Tree and Olive Oil, yields the world famous Kalamata Olive Oil and Kalamata olives.
We endeavor to meet the highest processing and storage standards in order to deliver a Premium Quality product with high added values.

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119, M. Alexandrou str. GR 24 100 Kalamata, Greece
37.04146, 22.118394699999953
(+30) 27210 24 348

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