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Its taste has notes of herbaceous aromas with a citrucy foreshadow and a peppery lingering bitterness.


Our juice extraction method:
In order to produce the best grade of extra virgin olive oil, certain expensive and time consuming steps have to be followed:
During the harvest, the olives are picked and sorted by hand directly from the tree and placed solely in jute sacks, so that the olives can be thoroughly aired. An olinet (a specially designed net) is placed under each tree so that the remaining olives -including the ones that have been accidentally dropped by the pickers- can be collected and placed into food grade crates. The olive oil produced from these olives is sold in bulk.
At the end of each day the quantity of olives collected is processed in the oil mill. The olive juice is cold extracted by means of centrifugation.
Based on our standards, the cold extraction of Olea Juice™ begins after midnight for two main reasons. Firstly, because the oil mill needs to be thoroughly cleaned from the remainders of previous extractions, and secondly because its cold extraction takes place at 23°C (73.4°F), instead of the usual 27°C. This way we extract a smaller quantity, but the final product is of a much higher quality. For us high quality is a combination of passion, persistence, patience and the right methods. Adding to that the taste, nutrition value and chemistry, a high quality product becomes superior. This is why we call Olea Juice™ a superior extra virgin olive oil.
It is stored in controlled temperature conditions and pressure (nitrogen environment) and in specialized stainless steel tanks until bottling. The aforementioned processes guarantee the conservation of all the precious nutrients and the rich taste of the juice and contribute to the creation of a low acidic superior extra virgin olive oil. It’s also worth mentioning that our olive juice is not filtered at any stage.

The Olea groves are located in the Peloponnese, a region of southern Greece known for its calcareous soils, limestone slopes and steep cliffs, as well as its ideal coastal climate. For several centuries, our 80 acres of fertile land has been hosting thousands of fruitful olive trees which are cultivated under our care, following the strict rules of traditional farming.

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Olea Juice
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Olea Juice™ is participating at most of the existing EVOO competitions worldwide for 2013. To be more specific, in North America we will participate in the Los Angeles International EVOO competition, the New York International olive oil competition and Olive D’OR 2013, in Sial Canada.

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