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Orange blossom perfumed aroma. Very light dry grassy flavour, walnuts and green fruit. Bitterness grows in back of throat.


The olive oil products of Candiasoil are traditional and artisanal. The olives are hand picked and the oil is family produced and cold pressed. Only this authentic olive juice is bottled.

The olive oil history of our family business is lost in the dust of time. In fact it goes back several hundred years. We used to enjoy listening to old stories from our grandfather who in turn loved repeating them!
Growing up on the island of Crete and working in its olive groves, we have had unique experiences of flavour and tradition. For us, olive oil is our culture. It is integrally linked with the history, the scents of the island and its residents’ struggle for survival.
Traditionally our family cultivated only its own olive trees. The old methods have nowadays given way to a new business model capable of supplying large quantities of bottled olive oil, without loosing the focus on authenticity, a crucial concept for us.
The network of Candiasoil associates expands in the countryside and the villages of Crete, including olive farmers, millers and bottlers. We have selected our associates very carefully. Our main criterion was that they shared the same vision with us, that is to provide a pure, perfectly natural, perfectly virgin olive oil, with all the flavour, aroma and nutritional value of the first juice of the olive. The quality standards we have set are high. Equally, the quality management techniques we employ are very strict.
The quest for distinct flavours and high quality products, led us to concentrate on three regions, famous for their olive oil since antiquity . We have now strong presence in the regions of Sitia, Peza and Viannos.
The search for business partners in the international markets is nothing less than communicating our vision to the world.

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Crete Island Greece
35.18177162608664, 24.936985164453063

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George Tsikandilalkis
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500 ml

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