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With an aroma that is fruity (equally combined with the distinct aroma of the green olives). Mild tasting, fool bodied sweet with obvious the hints of fruits as well as thyme and other aromatic plants. Sweet aftertaste.


  • Organic, Integrated Managment farming
  • Hand picked and placed in special 20kgr containers (for breathing and not harming the fruit)
  • Production takes place in 24 hrs from picking at the latest
  • Privet oil mill (for our own olives only); using a stone mill grinder for milder crushing and mixing of the olives
  • Minimal usage of water, never exceeding 18 degrees cesium
  • Unfiltered

“Poliana” is a family enterprise, whose efforts to create the best olive oil there is, began six years ago. Originated from a small village in the Southern Peloponnese called Poliana (hence the name), in 2010 they dynamically enter the Greek olive oil market, presenting a collection of superior extra virgin olive oils, each having a “unique “ personality.

This is the Dragonea – Skliris family, who respecting the family tradition, organically cultivates its own orchards (located in the birthplace of olive trees, Peloponnese, Greece) not mixing the three different varieties of olives they have chosen, so as to produce three excellent and unique extra virgin olive oils, without the intervention of any chemical or non-biological procedure.

We chose to build our very own olive oil mill, choosing stone mill grinders as the best means of extracting oil of excellent quality, cold press extraction (18°C) so as to keep all of the oils nutritional components (vitamins, antioxidants, phenols, etc.) along with the taste. Combining the afore mentioned means with traditional hand picking of the olives and contemporary state of the art technology, we have managed to produce the best olive oil possible, unfiltered and not refined in any way.

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Southern Peloponnese , Greece
37.1570901, 22.140209200000072
(+30) 6936 081 431 , (+30) 6945 528 912 ,

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Nikolas & Doris Skliris

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Best olive oil for 2012, Gurmet Magazine, From Newspaper Vima. (Greece).

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