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“My Olive Tree” is the name that most effectively captures our family’s endeavor to produce the best olive oil. This is the virtual home of the whole project, where you can get information on the competitive advantages of our oil through all stages of production and distribution. These stages coincide with a number of meaningful relationships, starting with the land of olive trees we are cultivating for many generations and ending with our recent decision to share the gifts of our land with families like ours.

We are a family of many, spread around the world, albeit strongly attached to our ancestral land which is situated at the fertile Greek South and the sunbathed region of Messinia. We have been using the oil, extracted from the “Koroneiki” olive cultivar, in our land for many years. In 2012 we decided to share this precious gift of nature with people who appreciate similar tastes and values. Brothers Panayiotis and Yorgos activated the whole project by mobilizing the best talents in every related field, i.e. agriculture, quality control and taste , design and packaging. The result of this careful process, is offered under the name “My Olive Tree”, with the outmost care, in selected gourmet points around the world. Our family names, our very lineage is carried on the branches of the original tree as it appears on every bottle. This is a reminder of who we are, and where we come from as well as a reminder of the responsibilities we share to one another and the environment. It is a promise that we keep fulfilling and a personal, frank invitation to those who choose to share “My Olive Tree”.

“My Olive Tree” oil is produced with a sophisticated combination of the traditional and the technologically advanced: Our olive trees are from an ancient land and cared for with natural means. Olives are handpicked and pressed immediately in the traditional local mill. As a result our oil is of the lowest possible acidity, without chemical additives or any kind of further processing involved. Packaging is taking place there and then, in the most strict conditions of hygiene. Labor of love of a family, instead of the product of an anonymous company, “My olive Tree” reaches each one as the age old gift of a new friend.

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My olive tree

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Karpofora, Messinia, 24014, Greece
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"3rd Place @ The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013" "The Best Greek Olive Oil Packaging"

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