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Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from hand-picked, mainly Koroneiki olives, milled soon after harvest and stored in airtight containers protected from oxygen, light and heat until ready for bottling. Finally, the oil is minimally filtered, resulting in a rich, fruity olive oil with the aroma of freshly-pressed olives, high in beneficial polyphenols.

Ideal for salads and enriching the taste of warm dishes just before serving.


The two main local olive varieties are Koroneiki and Koutsourelia, also known as “doppio”, which simply means “local”. Both cultivars have very good oil content:

– Koroneiki produces a fruity aromatic green-golden evoo with taste of fresh, slightly unripe olives.

– Koutsourelia produces a smooth, sweet, yellow-golden evoo with taste of ripe olives.

The annual olive harvest is around late November using traditional hand-harvesting methods with combs and ground nets to avoid bruising the fruit, which affects the quality.

Local olive oil is usually a blend of the two cultivars. These high quality olives produce a naturally clear, superior category extra virgin olive oil.

Messolongi Fields™ fine olive oils: naturally healthy, great fresh taste!

“Messolongi Fields™” are located in the Aetolia-Akarnania prefecture, in an unspoilt and protected natural environment; with the ideal microclimate for olive-growing. Messolongi Fields™ olives are cultivated and hand-picked in family-owned groves with expertise dating back four generations.

A controlled process from grove to bottle for high quality results

Our olive oil is a unique blend of two high-quality local cultivars: Koutsourelia and Koroneiki, producing a naturally clear, aromatic and fruity, superior extra virgin olive oil.

Our family-owned olive press has been producing olive oil since the 1920s. Now, in collaboration with expert horticulturalists and master blenders at Patras University, Messolongi Fields™ have developed a new range of branded fine extra virgin olive oils.

Messolongi: unique history, unique brands

Messolongi achieved fame in 1821 during the Greek War of Independence when the Greeks’ heroic struggle for freedom attracted the attentions of international philhellenes, among them the poet Lord Byron.

The Messolongi Fields™ range of brands pays homage to the unique combination of features comprising the Messolongi experience: gorgeous environment, product quality, delicious local cuisine and unique history!

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Papadiamantopoulou 2, Parodos Papadiamantopoulou, 30200 Mesolongion, Greece
38.37604231373829, 21.428300603613252
(+30) 26310 26 662

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