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This EVOO is obtained exclusively from olives Gentile di Chieti, Abruzzo native and typical variety: virgin excellent organoleptic quality, adherence to the territory and local cultivar. Unique, traditional, capable of expressing a complex land as the Abruzzi.

Luxurious, EVOO, used by a large number of famous Michelin-starred chef and Gault-Millau and some of the best and most prestigious Hotel in the World!

The COSTA DEI TRABOCCHI is a very unique product with absolutely incomparable, production strictly limited edition and all the bottles are numbered. It sports olfactory power and complexity, recalling a lawn mowed.
The unique production method, harvesting, baling and storage of oil, is using olive cultivars Gentile di Chieti found only on our farm in Costa Trabocchi in the Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci.

Its fruity, herbaceous type, evokes hints of almond and artichoke. The feelings of lawn and flowers are even more distinct during the tasting, and the texture is enveloping. Oil and harmonious order.

The COSTA DEI TRABOCCHI is a unique, traditional, capable of expressing a complex land as the Abruzzi. Oil major, has an appealing taste. With low acidity but also rich in oleic acid, antioxidants (vitamin E and polyphenols) and no pesticide residues. After an hour of tasting you will still have the taste buds with the scent of olive oil.

The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) in October 2011 has published the findings of the Scientific World blatant about the enormous importance for human health to take Olive oil with high content of polyphenols.
The polyphenols present in olive oil that help protect blood lipids from oxidative stress: To get the benefits advertised must take at least 20 mg / day of this oil.

The olive oil is also very good but the health and protection are more important than the simple pleasure and worth that you spend there you consumers of every day that you go shopping.

The COSTA DEI TRABOCCHI is one of three olive oils (more than “Per Liliana” and “Don Vincenzo”), which was the subject of study and scientific research at the Polytechnic of Milan – Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering Giulio Natta, Laboratory of Proteomics – from the prof. Pier Giorgio RIGHETTI and his team in search of traces of proteins in olive oil. After careful statistical analysis, three proteins were identified, one of which, Histone H4, is homologous to the same histone by the same researchers found in the core.

It presents, on a green background, with a label lively and enriched by the presence of cultivars, from which we extract, our olive grove. The 250ml bottle design is elegant and contemporary.

Packaged in a beautiful box of wood, fir, all bottled and labeled by hand, bottle for bottle, with highly qualified personnel to reduce oxidation and provide exceptional organoleptic properties.

Slow Food Guide to Extra Virgin in 2012, has awarded the Costa Trabocchi with the title of BIG OIL, virgin excellent organoleptic quality, adherence to the territory and local cultivar:

The Monovarietal Gentile di Chieti, Costa dei Trabocchi, boasts olfactory power and complexity, reminding a lawn mowed, the feelings of lawn and flowers are even more distinct during the tasting, and the texture is enveloping and the oil harmonious.


From late September, the ripening of the olives is constantly monitored and, when you begin to present the first olive trees ready, you start collecting, which is always ahead of full ripeness of the fruit, to ensure the best quality ‘of’ oil even at the expense of the amount obtainable.

An early harvest results in low acidity, a high percentage of polyunsaturated acids, a number of antioxidants such as polyphenols.

The collection is made by hand picking with special combs on the wooden ladders.

This technique, definitely expensive, collects fruits intact and the right degree of ripeness.

Represents the first of the elements essential to achieve an ‘essence of fragrant olive and without unpleasant odors. The olives have already fallen to the ground are not collected because they are too ripe and yet may have lost their integrity ‘.

Once collection began one proceeds with the maximum diligence, since the occurrence of unfavorable weather conditions leading to its suspension, and also, in the worst cases, the final interruption. The olives are collected in special plastic boxes aired every evening and were taken to a nearby mill where they are pressed within 10 hours max. This ensures that the olives do not ferment anaerobically giving rise to the formation of aliphatic alcohols to produce defects such as heating oil and in extreme cases mold.

Already 2000 years ago, the area called Zimarino, was known and inhabited: witness the discoveries occurred in December 2004 another piece of ancient Histonium namely part of the floor of what was once the villa of a wealthy farmer.

In this area … – (behind the Estate Masseria Don Vincenzo Zimarino) -, eight kilometers from the town of Vasto, the finding suggests just such a gentleman than 2000 years ago who enjoyed life, explains Dr. Strada – Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Chieti. The age is that the end of the first dawn of the late republic and imperial. This is a mosaic floor of excellent quality: an area of 4 meters by 3.40 crock – pesto, with pieces of white and black that give rise to a geometric figure resembling a flower. All around, the remaining portion of the perimeter of the mansion, it can be seen distinctly spicato a floor, a sign of technical building acquired by the artisans of the time …

And ever since that location was an area of successive settlements until today, when part of the ancient structures were renovated in successive shots and used as headquarters of the Estate Zimarino.

The estate has its origins in 1700, with the Founder Donato Zimarino who purchased a large landed property exactly along the coastal strip that stretches from the promontory of Punta Aderci (26 m) and the river Sinello.

This area, meanwhile, took the name Contrada Zimarino. But only later with the advent of the estate surveyor Don Vincenzo also became the farm and took the name of Estate Masseria Don Vincenzo Zimarino.

The particular location of the seal in the middle of a green expanse of olive groves, vineyards and woods is going back in time and the magical feeling of living in an ancient dimension, without precise temporal connotations, as if time had stopped and had not importance.

This is, indeed, an extraordinary place, even magical as it is inserted in Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci. This beautiful reserve protects the stretch of coast naturalistically most valuable of the entire Abruzzi (by the way, did you know that the Abruzzi are the Green Region of Europe?).

The whole area is characterized by a succession of beaches of sand and pebbles, rocks and cliffs, farmlands intact and Mediterranean unspoilt and protected.

The aromas are those of the myrtle, wild rosemary and juniper, while the colors are the deep blue of the Adriatic is not expected to meet and who joins the silvery green olive trees and the darkest of woods, valleys and vineyards.

Against the backdrop of the red sunset that illuminates the mountains of three National Parks:

  • The Majella Park
  • The Park of Gran Sasso – Monti della Laga
  • The Park of Monti Sibillini.

Guardian angel of this little corner of paradise, including rare biotypes of Mediterranean flora and smell of the sea, is Liliana Zimarino, last direct descendant of an ancient family of farmers, who with the help of her husband Nicola TIERI, has made every effort and enthusiasm continuing the family business, expanding olive cultivation, and recovering the variety of tree species and native plants originating in the company, and in the case of cultivation of the olive oil led to a search of quality through the link with the territory. In this way we got the production of high quality in terms of:

Typicality (typical characteristics of oil from Abruzzo)
Genuineness (it has no foreign substances of any kind)
High nutritional value and health benefit (presence of important constituents of high biological value for the human body and physiological such as polyphenols, natural antioxidants), low acidity and total absence of harmful substances, like eg pesticides.

This petite lady and gentle with a degree in Foreign Languages in his pocket (he is fluent in three) and with a great love for nature (it’s in my DNA says she jokingly) has become a real expert and olive oil:

The black soil-compact area that spans from Promontory Point to the river Aderci Sinello
The sunny climate and well-ventilated
The techniques of cultivation and agricultural oleologica, (ie the elements that differentiate one from another, making it unique oil), characterizing the terroir and enable the production of high quality extra virgin oils.
The terroir, sending its features from the earth to the bottle, allows the oils to have a sensory profile precisely.

The terroir of Masseria Don Vincenzo promotes the production of essences Olive, elegant and unique, highly related to the place of origin, with a large content of antioxidant substances necessary to counteract the action of harmful free radicals.

The average content of polyphenols present in our oils is minimum approx. 400mg/Kg.

To increase the biodiversity of the agro-ecosystem and preserve the soil from erosion, improving fertility, we limit ourselves to the estate Zimarino minimum tilling the soil.

The olive groves of the estate Zimarino fall within the distribution area of PDO Colline Teatine, or the Protected Designation of Origin for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The production obtained from the olive groves is then certified PDO to ensure a higher quality to the consumer, not so much from the organoleptic point of view as to the origin.


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  • ORO DI ITALIA (2^ National Competition) -Italy: Certificate of quality – 2011
  • DER FEINSCHMECKER OLIO AWARD- Germany: Best Oil World – 2011
  • SLOW FOOD – Italy: Big Olio – 2012
  • TERRA OLIVO AWARD – Israel – Gold – 2012

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