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Makaria Terra is a family-run business based in the village of Skala, a short distance from the famous Greek olive-growing town of Kalamata. We produce and export only the purest and finest quality of extra virgin olive oil. Our olive oil is produced from our own family olive grove of around 1,000 trees of the renowned Koroneiki variety, which is native to the area. Generations of our family have tended these trees and we are a small scale operation dedicated to cultivating olives and producing oil the traditional way.

We do not use chemicals or irrigation and our olives are all natural and rain-fed. They are harvested by hand and taken to the local mill for processing within the same day. Our oil is extracted solely by mechanical means, by cold extraction under strict thermal conditions to retain all taste and nutrients. Our end product is a high quality extra virgin olive oil, of extremely low acidity with upper middle fruity intensity and balanced light bitter and spicy flavour.

At the centre of our philosophy is a deep respect for the olive tree. We plant it, we cultivate it, we prune it, we harvest it, we praise it, but at all times, we stare humbly. We believe that human intervention is just one small part of the whole process, just another piece of the puzzle along with the sun, the soil, the rain. We are committed to the traditional methods of cultivating olives and producing oil. The small scale of our operations means that we are still able to do things the old fashioned way. Quality is in our minds throughout all stages of the process, from tending the trees and cultivating the olives to harvesting, processing, bottling and delivering to our customers. We are committed to producing only the finest quality extra virgin olive oil with all the taste and nutrients nature intended.

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Business Details

Company Name:
Makaria Terra
Operating Since:
Number of Employees:
Production Capacity:
4 tons
Type of Business:
Producer and exporter of EVOO
Company type sought:
Importing companies of Olive oil or foodstuff (Greek or not), Distributors, Delicatessen stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Companies in wholesale
Desired cooperation:
Trade Cooperation, Wholesale, Representation, Export / Direct Sales
Olive Oil Qualities:
ok Standard
Cultivation Plant Size:
60 decare (daa)
Number of Trees:
Evgenia Andriopoulou
Languages Spoken:
English, Greek

Business Address

Skala Messinias 24002, Messinia, Greece
37.05194590588792, 22.01961928437504
(+30) 697 48 37 951

Featured Product

Makaria Terra
Makaria Terra
Kalamata, Messinia, Greece
max 0.3
without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides
Harvest Time:
November - December
cold extraction, pure
Product Packaging:
0,250ml, 0,50ml & 0,75ml

Awards & Accolades

Olive Japan 2014 Gold Medal Award
Los Angeles 2014 Bronze Medal Award

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