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Extra virgin olive oil with greenly fruity character and pungent attributes of medium intensity. Lightly bitter, well balanced with harmony in its perceived taste.
This premium extra virgin organic olive oil has a significantly high concentration of polyphenols.
Available in mid-December 2012


This premium extra virgin organic olive oil, with extremely low-acidity (0.24%) has significantly high concentration of polyphenols. Consumption of 20 gr of this olive oil per day offers 5.9 mg of hydroxytyrosol or tyrosol derivatives (polyphenols), which according to the EU regulation 432/2012 contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.
This olive oil is made under the exclusive method of common pressing – the olives are pressed in a maximum of 24 hours after the picking, which produces a flavor of intense freshness and fruitiness. The olives are picked from end November until mid February. The harvest is beeing made by hand. It is then entirely bottled following high procedure standards in order to achieve the highest level of quality.
Maistros is strictly available in limited quantities.

Maistros is a family business, producing extra virgin organic olive oil, organic olives and organic vegetables all year round. Our vision lies in producing high quality products with original taste.
The visionary and founder of the farm, Dimitris Karampasis followed his heart, thus his love for nature lead him to become an organic farmer. His son, Maistros Karampasis shares his vision, studied agronomics and has now taken over the business. Maria, the wife and mother holds the secrets of the original taste.

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Business Address

Krokees Laconia Greece 23057
36.883077, 22.548979199999962
(+30) 27350 71307, (+30) 6932 964 645
info@bio-maistros.gr , sales@bio-maistros.gr

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Karampasis Maistros
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