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A luxury extra virgin olive oil made from koroneiki olives in the ideal climactic conditions of the Messara plains in north east Crete – arguably the best olive oil producing region in Crete. The Botzakis estate has won numerous awards and we are the sole suppliers of this deluxe oil in the UK.Ideal savoured raw with salads and dips


Hand Picked
Cold Extraction
First Presssing

Founded by Dr. Stavia Blunt, Alexandra Lazou and Susan Burke.
After spending years researching, identifying and analysing the essential components that make up the Cretan diet, medically proven to be the healthiest in the world, they now export what has been widely been acknowledged as some of the best products, in their category, globally.
Their philosophy is transparency, ethical production and giving the customer the vital information in order to make a wise decision when purchasing these super health foods. They are one of the few companies to declare with pride the acidity level of their oils (a high indicator of quality) and their bottles always state from which harvest the olives have come from.
Focusing on premium superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil with low acidity, high polyphenols and excellent organoleptic properties. Pine/Thyme honey with its antibacterial and antioxidant benefits, and wild mountain herbs and tissanes.

Botzakis , 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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Messara plains north east Crete
35.240117, 24.809269099999938

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Awards & Accolades

Expert taster’s note: “This is the best Koroneiki extra virgin oil I have tasted this year” Charles Quest-Ritson, March 2013

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