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Salad Oil is an interesting niche in many export markets. As the largest Greek bottler of seed oils and the largest Greek bottler of Private Label olive oils, Kore is the best placed company to supply customers with their needs of Salad Oil.

The key to the quality of Kore’s final product lies in the sourcing of its extra virgin olive oils. On the one hand, Kore’s olive oil purchasers have established long term relationships with olive oil producers in the main producing areas of Greece. On the other, the company owns modern storage facilities – equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories – right in or near the production areas, so that the best runs from the mills can be safely stored the moment they are produced. Kore technicians analyze every purchase meticulously and reassess it organoleptically at the moment of delivery. Extra virgin olive oil’s birth is a demanding and passionate affair.

Founded in 1979, Kore SA is a relative newcomer to the Greek market. Nonetheless, during its 25 years of existence, Kore grew from its humble beginnings as a distributor for imported seed oils into the largest bottler of vegetable oils of Greece and one of its largest distribution companies for food and other products.

Today, Kore bottles 35,000 MT of vegetable oils, out of which 10,000 MT are olive oils, and reaches a yearly turnover for distributed products of € 55,000,000 (2006).

Kore SA entered the olive oil market after 1992, and slowly but methodically built up its own origination network of storage tanks and laboratory facilities, lead by a team of expert raw materials purchasers. This approach of total vertical integration of the olive oil chain, from the purchase of the freshly pressed olive oil at the mill until the delivery of the conditioned oil on the consumer shelf, lies at the root of Kore’s success in this highly specialized sector.

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Kore SA
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Greek, English

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64 Aegea Str, 194 00, Koropi Greece
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