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Bright, shiny green colour, it is an oil with an intense fruity flavour of fresh olive and a great complexity of herbaceous and fruity aromas, with green banana, almond and green tomato standing out. It is voluminous and well-structured in the mouth, with great expressiveness, sweet and slightly spicy.

It is a well-balanced oil that is elegant both in the nose and in the mouth. Almond aftertaste.


The Harvest

The fruit is harvested very early, always depending on an optimum ripeness, when the olive is going to give us a true fruit juice with which we will be able to enjoy its richness in both olfactory and taste where we will find aromas such as: tomato, apple, banana, green almond, fig, green wheat, recently mowns grass,… The harvest is semi-manual, since the olives are made to fall using a specific machine consisting of making the trunk vibrate so that the fruit falls quickly and in greater quantity, with and beating helping in this task, this being followed by an extensive amount of manpower to collect the fruit in bales and then load it on trailers that will quickly transport the olives to the oil mill.

Processing and selection of the fruit

Just 2 hours from the start of the working day, the first batches of olives arrive at the oil mill, where our “factory master” checks that the fruit is healthy. Subsequently it is processed in the cleaning plant, consisting of separating the olive from possible impurities such as leaves and branches, using a cyclone that blows them, and then it is sent for storage in the stainless steel hoppers and for its immediate processing.

The crushing and beating is performed cold, with temperatures below 21ºC, in this way maintaining all the volatile components that cause the fruity aromas and flavours that are transmited from the fruit to the juice, just the same.

After the beating process comes the physical centrifugation, which consists of the separation of the liquid part; alpechin or olive oil juice (vegetation water) and oil, from the solid part: mass (stones, pulp…) as a result of the different densities forming the olive´s components.

Storage and preservation

Once classified in its corresponding tanks, the oil is left to decant naturally for around 15 days, after which we will filter all the oil, in order to prevent the tanks being drained, as they are not perfect and in this way prevent the possible decanted dampness and impurities from causing a negative effect in the oil´s development during the rest of the year. They are immediately decanted and stored in tanks that have been rendered inert using nitrogen, at a controlled temperature in the the cellar itself between 18º-20º, ready for immediate bottling, in order that their qualities, both chemical and above all organoleptic, remain unaltered during an entire year.

The Galvez Gonzalez family, businessman of long tradition, decide to implement a new project, in which besides being olive oil producers, they are able to integrate the various phases of production, ensuring full traceability from the formation of fruit on the tree to the packaging and marketing the final product, thus achieving an excellent quality.

Located in the town of Villanueva de la Reina, in the province of Jaén, Galgón 99 SL is sited in the province´s Sierra Norte, located in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, at an altitude of 400 metres.

Includes high ecological valued enclaves of Mediterranean forest with a wide vareity of fauna and flora.

The company acquired its 2 olive grove farms, “Los Juncales” and “Casa del Agua”, where the oil grinding mill is sited, the origin of which dates from the 19th century, and froms a part of the countryside of Jaén. “Los Juncales” however, is an estate situated in the “Sierra”, this olive grove is younger, and it is from here that the company obtains oils which are fruity and subtle.

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Business Address

Ctra. Plomeros, Casa del Agua 23730, Villanueva de La Reina, JAEN Spain
38.003824, -3.9163730000000214
(+34) 953 548 038

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Awards & Accolades

- Mario Solinas Quality Award. First Prize, Intense Category 2012
- Flos Olei Guide 2012; best EVOO in the world. Top 20
- Los Angeles International EVOO Competition . Best of Show. Best of category. Gold Medal. 2011
- Oil China Competition. Gold Medal 2012
- AVPA Paris. Gold Medal 2012
- Mediterranean International competition Israel. Prestige gold medal 2011
- Sol d’Oro Italy. Diploma di gran menzioni. 2012
- Spanish Foods Award for the Best EVOO 2009. Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine. SPAIN
- International Olive Oil Competition “ARMONIA” Italy.Diploma di Gran Menzioni 2011

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