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This is our first harvest olive oil, which is extracted at 16 °C and with a very minimal amount of water.
Its flavor gives subtle aromas of green herbs, dill, parsley, raw peas with a hint of bitterness and tingling pepper on the palate. A pleasant lingering taste of raw artichoke, raw peanuts and macadamia. A gentle and harmonious oil , high in antioxidants. A well-packed and pitched example of koroneiki oil. Culinary uses with dishes of delicate flavors such as fish, desserts and light salads.
Fyllikon superior extra virgin organic olive oil won 2 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2012(the only Greek olive oil with 2 stars and in the first 20 places) and the Silver Medal at the 17th International BIOL Competition in Italy 2012.This unique oil is a prize of its own.


Harvest begins early on our farm, from mid-October, when the olives are still very small and ripe. All the olives are hand-picked, without the use of mechanical means. They are brought to the mill and cold pressed directly after being picked. All of our olive oils are cold pressed, beginning with our first harvest olive oil “FYLLIKON”, at 16°C and ending with our last harvest extra virgin olive oil “ARMONIKON,” which is cold-pressed at 26°C.
The oil is then stored in special stainless steel tanks where it is protected from heat and light, resulting in a 3-5 month natural sedimentation process. There is no chemical or mechanical filtration whatsoever.
The packaging is made under very strict surveillance on our own packaging plant. We use stainless steel tins, so that the high organoleptic quality of the oil is not affected by light and oxygen. The acidity of our olive oils range from 0, 10% to 0, 20% and the peroxide value is 3.90.

Our farm is situated in the Peloponnese, at the foot of the Taygetos and Parnonas mountains, near the city of Sparta. There, we cultivate the “koroneiki” variety olives for our olive oils and “kalamon” variety for our table olives, only organic and certified from Bio-Hellas, an organization for inspecting and certifying organic products. All of our olive oils are officially recognized with Protected Geographic Indication Status (PGI)
Our family-owned independent smallholding has strong traditional farming roots and dedicated organic values for over 20 years, resulting in a production of the finest and most unique olive oils and table olives.
An excellent combination of tradition and modern technology is adhered. The “assortment” of nature’s precious secrets that are required for the perfection of these products resulted in a tribute to the olive tree.
With many years of research and specialized technical know-how here at our organic farm, we “distilled” all these natural ingredients and we “encaptured” them in the proper packaging, rendering them “bio-functional foods”.
There is a co-operation with nature that evolves daily with our cultivation which give our olive products their distinct flavor and superior organoleptic qualities, the main purpose being the attainment of the highest quality.

SAKELLAROPOULOS ORGANIC FARMING “ARMONIA”, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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Sparta, Lakonia
37.074461, 22.430263999999966
(+30) 27310 81 118

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Fyllikon First Harvest Oil
0, 10% to 0, 20%

Awards & Accolades

2 Gold Stars for our olives Telies at the Great Taste Awards 2012-The Great Taste Awards, organized by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink, and is the largest and most trusted awards scheme for speciality in fine food & drink. 1 Gold Star for our Unripe Olives at the Great Taste Awards 2012 1 Gold Star for our Olives Valsamikes at the Great Taste Awards 2012 2 Gold Stars for our First Harvest Olive Oil Fyllikon at the Great Taste Awards 2012 1 Gold Star for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Armonia at the Great Taste Awards 2012 Silver Medal at the 17th International BIOL Competition in Puglia, Italy 2012 for Fyllikon First Harvest Oil Great reviews for our olive oils as we participated in judging and tasting of the best olive oils from around the world at the International Organization Savantes which took place in New York 2012 and in Melbourne, Australia 2012 For the year 2012 we are formal members of the Global Slow Food movement.

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