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This exceptional and award-winning extra virgin olive oil is produced on the island of Lesvos. Sitting in the Aegean island, its unique location allows it to receive sunshine about two-thirds of the year making it one of the sunniest islands in the Aegean Sea.This climate gives the olive tree an environment to thrive in while covering 40% of the island.

evoᶾ benefits from this climate and the surrounding flora (which includes pines, chestnut trees, oaks, and fig trees) which gives it its great taste and unique qualities. 

Our extra virgin olive oil is a mix between three different types of olives – the Kolovi, the Adramatiani, and the Lathoelia. The Koloviand Adramatiani olives mature slowly and are black in color.  They thrive in soil with slate in it.Their flavor has an intricate fruity taste to them and their olive oil color is golden yellow to a golden green.The Lathoelia thrives in lower altitudes and are bigger in size.Their color varies from a red-violet black to purple and deep black, and they are harvested only when fully ripened. Their taste is fleshy and slightly fruity and fragrant. 

The harvest season for evoᶾ is between November to January.This is when the olives are at their peak for harvesting producing the best quality olive oil and the distinct fruity taste. 

The acidity of the olive oil is also of exceptional quality. evoᶾ free acidity ranges from 0.5-0.7% which allows it to be labelled as extra virgin and categorized as exceptional quality.

Finally, evoᶾ is an organic extra virgin olive oil.This means that the farming methods used are sustainable, no chemical fertilizers are used, and no chemical pesticides are used to kill the olive fruit fly.Only organic fertilizers and natural methods to kill the olive fruit fly are used.This translates into a clean, healthy product for you to consume.

evoᶾ is an exceptional quality organic extra virgin olive oil.It has a liquid texture (low glutinosity – smooth taste) which is due to its relatively high level of unsaturates and a golden light color giving it its unique fruity, slightly fleshy and fragrant taste.


Evoderives from the word evolution. Everything on our planet evolves by developing through natural processes to reach a higher state. This process of change defines our higher state of being. Εvo3’s process is based on the circle of life. That is why we have recruited the help of Eden Reforestation Projects, and other local organisations in Europe, to plant a tree in an area in need for every bottle you purchase. For εvo3, trees symbolise the thread of life that binds us all as human beings. Through this “buy this, change that” concept, we aim to re-enforce our connection and compassion with eachother while reaching this higher state. Be part of our evolution in bringing oil to the soil.

The epsilon (ε) is our identity. εvoᶾoriginates from the heart of the Greek island of Lesvos, wherepure quality reflects the passion and the environmental ideals that brings it to being. Bottling only the highest quality, with the final result honours the ancestral past as well as respects the relationship with the land by using organic and sustainable farming methods.

The 3 is our heart. It beats emphasis to the quality of the product and to our ideals. The quality is based on the 3 Os: Organic Olive Oil. Our ideals are also threefold: to be honest, to be transparent, and to advocate our social entrepreneurship.

That’s why at εvoᶾ, weknow it’s a special day when we plant a tree. It’s a memorable day when this idea evolves into inspiration for someone to heal the world one bottle at a time.

“Be involved to evolve”

For every bottle of organic olive oil that is purchased by you, εvoᶾ will plant a tree in an area in dire need; a deforested area.This is the essence of our unique, and sustainable,  “buy this, change that” concept.But why did we choose trees?


As εvoᶾ reflects the circle of life, the beginning of its journey commences from a tree, and the road ends with a tree.Planting a tree not only sow the seeds of life for the environment but also for people.

Trees are a fundamental resource and a lifeline for the whole ecosystem.As forests are depleting at an alarming rate, this not only affects the place we live in, but also as to how we live as humans.



The effects of planting trees are significant.You can be a part of building healthy forest systems, stopping flooding and erosion, and filling up aquifers again.Trees capture the carbon from our atmosphere restoring the balance from the negative effects of climate change.They also create a livelihood for people. 

εvoᶾ gives you the opportunity to help ignite these changes by one simple act.Be a part of our evolutionary cycle. 

Buy a bottle, a tree will be planted.

Lesvos, Greece – On a Greek island tucked away in the Mediterranean Sea, an extra virgin organic olive oil with a socially responsible vision dealing with climate change was born. 

εvoᶾ stands for extra virgin organic oliveoil.However, εvoᶾ is more than that.It is a story. It’s a lifestyle. A prefix for evolution, it is something that begins and ends with choice.The heart of εvoᶾ is its business model.For every bottle sold, a tree will be planted in a deforested area while creating employment for people in impoverished areas. This olive oil literally takes the oil back to the soil, which is a choice that can make the world a better place.

The producer of this olive oil infused three generations of farming with modern sustainable methods to create a natural blend of aromatic sensations, touching all your senses.Made from three different types of olives, native to the island of Lesvos, the oil brings the olives together to form a ripe, fruity, fresh olive flavour. It’s a superb tasting oil, with the lowest range of acidity – which is signature for premier quality – and the highest health benefits.

Production is kept under strict control to remain 100% organic.All the farming methods employed are sustainable: no chemical fertilisers and no chemical pesticides are used to eradicate the olive fruit fly. Only organic fertilisers and natural methods are put into practice to control the olive fruit fly population.   

I want everyone to share my passion and love for all things organic, and especially for extra virgin olive oil. However, I also want everyone to be a part of our story – to know what is going on with the rapid rate of declining forests and the effects it has on people and our climate. Everyone can be a part of the solution by making one simple choice – buy one bottle, plant one tree. Make your choice count.

                                                            – Stratis Camatsos, founder of εvoᶾ

Buy εvoᶾorganic olive oil. Plant trees. Provide jobs. It’s that simple. All you need to do is purchase εvoᶾ; by doing so, you will fund the planting of one tree in a deforested area. This way you will not only be minimising the effects of climate change, but you will also be helping to provide income to local communities, create work and change lives, and give hope while enjoying a bottle of fine organic extra virgin olive oil.

Now is the time to evolve.

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Business Details

Company Name:
εvo3 – extra virgin organic olive oil
Operating Since:
Number of Employees:
Production Capacity:
8,000 – 10,000 kg
Type of Business:
Company type sought:
Importing companies of Olive oil or foodstuff (Greek or not), Distributors, Delicatessen stores, Hotels, High-end restaurants, Organic products stores
Desired cooperation:
Trade Cooperation, Representation, Wholesale, Export / Direct Sales
Olive Oil Qualities:
ok Standard
ok Organic
Number of Trees:
Olive Oil Distribution:
ok Standardized
Efstratios Kamatsos
Languages Spoken:
English, Greek, German, French, Hungarian

Business Address

Pahitos 4, Mytilene, Lesvos 81100, Greece
39.08743446998333, 26.542956977343692
+30 6942 663 643

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Efstratios Kamatsos
εvo3 – extra virgin organic olive oil
Lesvos, Greece
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Glass Bottle: 0.75L, 0.5L

Awards & Accolades

Bronze medal in Elaiotechnia 2014 (Greek olive oil competition).
Silver Medal for taste at New York International Olive Oil Competition in delicate category.

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