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It is dense, smooth, aromatic and fruity with herbaceous notes and almond aftertaste. Ideal for salad dressings and for preparing all types of dishes, especially those made in the tradition of the delicious and healthy Mediterranean Diet.


Mechanical harvesting by which olives are collected in a gentle way, gathering them in trays without touching the ground.

The olives are processed immediately in a nearby mill to prevent fermentation of the fruit.

Extraction of the oil exclusively by mechanical means at cold temperature preserves ALTA FLOR nutritional values and antioxidant properties.

Alta Flor is extra virgin olive oil extracted exclusively from Arbequina olives grown at Castrejón Alto estate, located right in the central region of Spain.Arbequina is excellently adapted to the climate of our region in central Spain.

Our trees are planted in-row with a drip irrigation system that supplies the rainfall deficit that may arise. The plant is monitored extensively to maintain optimal fruiting and perfect health status.To obtain optimum olive oil, the right time to harvest is when the olives are not too green or overripe.

Efficient mechanical harvesting of the whole production in a very short time is a guarantee that this is achieved. The olive grove was planted six years ago and 2012 is the first year Alta Flor is offered to the market.

There are two biochemical requirements for olive oil to be extra-virgin. One is that acidity does not exceed 0,8° per 100 gr, the other is that the peroxide value is less than 20. Both indices are a measure of excellence in the formulation and the conservation of olive oil.

ALTA FLOR acidity is only 0,1° and has a peroxide level of 6,6 which means that it is an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

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