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The Georgiou family lovingly and cheerfully tend their olive groves near Lalioti village in the Prefecture of Corinthia, respectfully maintaining age-old traditions, to produce Elladin exceptionally high quality virgin olive oil.

Growing at an altitude of 340 metres and cultivated with tender loving care, the family’s olive trees ripen their fruit under ideal conditions.

From these olive groves Elladin olive oil journeys all over Greece and to many countries abroad in its distinctive glass bottles. It is available at selected food outlets in Greece, food store chains in other countries and directly from the company’s website.

The wealth of knowledge and experience possessed by older generations, modern methods of cultivation and the perfect soil and climatic conditions of the area all work together to make Elladin an exceptional olive oil that perpetuates the age-old traditions of the land of Corinthia.

With their bearings firmly set on customer satisfaction, the Georgiou family keep a vigilant eye on the progress of their olives from olive grove to glass bottle in a journey that unites the authenticity of tradition with the requirements of the modern age.

 It is our vision to preserve the secrets of good olive oil that have been handed down to us from generation to generation, sharing them with the younger ones to provide products of exceptional quality and unparalleled flavour.

Distinctive features
Particularly low acidity, extra virgin olive oil, Elladin is noted for its light, mature flavour. Fine and fruity, it is perfect for those who want a taste of quality every day, at every meal. Suitable for use in cooking, in salad dressing and on its own, it comes in its own glass storage bottle.

Our exceptional virgin olive oil is made from the fruit of trees producing the Koroneiki and Patrinia varieties of olive.

The trees
The Koroneiki variety is the one most commonly grown in Greece. It accounts for approximately 60% of the total Greek output and even though it is the tree that requires the least attention, it is the variety that gives the best quality oil. The fruit ripens from October to December, weighs from 0.3 to 1.0 gram and is from 12 to 15 millimetres long. In addition to its fine flavour and quality, the Koroneiki variety has been renowned since antiquity for its therapeutic qualities.

 The Patrinia olive tree is less common and more susceptible to cold and very high temperatures. Reaching a height of up to seven metres, it is only cultivated on one narrow strip of land between the Prefectures of Corinthia and Achaia. It gives low acidity oil with a delicate flavour.

The acidity of our olive oil never exceeds 0.45% and the oil is a high quality product with a distinctive aroma and flavour. Greenish gold tinged with yellow, it has a fruity taste, is gentle on the palate and has a pleasantly fresh lingering aftertaste.

 The olive oil is sold exclusively in 250ml, 500ml or 750 ml glass bottles inspired by the vessels of ancient Greece that are a perfect adornment for the table or kitchen of all who value fine tastes in their everyday lives.

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Business Details

Company Name:
Operating Since:
Production Capacity:
50 - 60 tons
Type of Business:
Production and standardization company
Company type sought:
Importing companies of Olive oil or foodstuff (Greek or not), Distributors, Supermarkets, Delicatessen stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Organic products stores, Companies in wholesale.
Desired cooperation:
Partnership / Trade Cooperation, Third part production, Representation, Wholesale, Export / Direct Sales, Joint / Venture
Olive Oil Qualities:
ok Standard
Cultivation Plant Size:
80 decare (daa)
Number of Trees:
Georgiou Dimitrios
Languages Spoken:
English, Greek

Business Address

Lalioti Korinthias, 20200
38.00270130000001, 22.64601140000002
+30 27420.41067, +30 69727.64020

Featured Product

Georgiou Dimitrios
Greece, Korinthia
With natural precipitation, without chemical processing.
Harvest Time:
December to January
Cold pressed (25 C)
Product Packaging:
0,250ml, 0,50ml, 0,75ml (Virginia Bottle)

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