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Extra Virgin Olive Oil of one variety: Picual, assessed and protected by Mágina Mountains guarantee of origin.
The olive groves have been harvested at the early stage of the campaign, having as a result an oil of green leaf fruity flavour with a sour flavour and bitterness that make it a very complete oil.


Our oil comes from the environment of the Natural Park of Mágina Mountains, specifically form Solera, a district of Huelma. Our Olive Groves are situated at a height oscillating between 900 and 1,300 meters above the sea level, which make them the olive groves cultivated at the highest altitude of Spain. The smallholdings from which the olives come from are small family farms. The olives are cultivated and harvested traditionally, and by the same families that own these Olive Groves. Daily, once the olives are harvested, they are transported to the oil mill in small capacity containers for them to be grinded, and the olive oil to be drawn from the fruit.
When the olives has been picked up , are processed at the same time, by cold extraction methods
The final process is natural decantation.
The olives have been harvested at the early stage of the campaign. For that reason, its fruity flavour is green, green fresh leaf with a high intensity. Their sour flavour and the bitterness, which are positive and characteristic attributes of this variety, have low intensity and make it a very complete olive oil.

EL CORTIJUELO was born in 2011, based in a small town on Jaén called Solera in MAGINA mountains.
El Cortijuelo is a company linked to olive oil, which fundamental mission is to market olive oil and to spread its qualities and its culture.
By means of associated payment, El Cortijuelo makes a strict selection of the olive oils produced by the associated manufacturers of our brand, in order to offer you an olive oil with characteristics that only El Cortijuelo offers you.


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Calle Vandelvira, 1‎ 23001 Jaén Spain
37.7661708, -3.785618099999965
(+34) 600 254 589

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El Cortijuelo
El Cortijuelo

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