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Light colored oil with pleasant fragrance of leaves, almonds and green apple. Harmonious, light notes of bitter and spicy.

Fish in all its forms of raw or cooked, grilled meats, cooked vegetables and salads.


Mechanical shakers and my hand, transport in plastic crades and pressed within 24 hours at our own press.

Our work is born of a strong and hopeful impulse for the future, and it started with a search.

We wanted something that would represent our roots, and in 1990 we found it in a small plot of land in the hills of Serra di Mezzo, abundant with olive trees and almond trees in bloom.

Since then, “Serra d’immizzu” – the location’s name in dialect – symbolizes for our family a deep bond with the earth. It’s a bond made of sun-burnt faces, the wrinkled, bearded peasant, hard work and the fragrance of the mulberry tree, all immersed in the scents of the countryside, the chirping of cicadas, the clear blue sky, and the grayness of the calcareous stone.

Our core activity is the production of extra virgin olive oil, almonds and pistachios.

As you will see, our products have earned accolades of excellence from both expert tasters and those who simply love food that tastes good.

Over the years our enterprise has grown, and more land has been added to the original parcel. But our fundamental philosophy – the authenticity of our products and the intellectual honesty of our people – have remained the same.

Dr. Damiana Messina

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Serra di Mezzo
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Sede legale: Via B.Buozzi n.20 - 60030 Castelbellino (AN)
43.4979931, 13.159617000000026
+ 39 0731/703274

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Damiana Messina
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