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Cretalicious extra virgin olive oil has a mature green color with rich aroma and mild taste with almond finish.


Harvesting is done only by hands.

We are milling the olives in the same day, using cold extraction procedures (milling under 27°c)

We store the olive oil in stainless steel tanks, which are in air conditioned warehouses.We filter it and bottle it using semi-automatic machines in order to retain the vitamins and antioxidants of this precious juice intact

From the island of Crete, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, on the crossroad of three continents, where the first European civilization flourished, this is the place of the Cretan diet, the source of the Mediterranean diet.

Ιn Cretland we respect every single detail of our heritage and we apply innovative marketing ideas and the higher standards at all stages of production in order to create products that stand out.

Hence, despite our short history, our olive oil products are traveling from mouth to mouth worldwide. This is happening because of their unique taste and superior quality. Our olive oil is one of the very few internationally, which states the crop year on the label, so that consumers know how fresh their olive oil is. Its’ Cretan origin is certified by the E.U. and the AGROCERT as P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin). Finally, this product has won two international awards in Brussels and Shanghai.

Today, Cretland creates the powerful brand name of Cretalicious to include for the first time under a common brand name and marketing strategy 16 traditional and delicious food products of Crete. Cretalicious portfolio consists of olive oil products and many authentic delicacies made by small size producers of our island. Delicacies which are innovative taste proposals for many consumers outside Greece, but at the same time distinct secrets of the famous Cretan diet.

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Astrakoi Pediados Heraklion 70100 Greece
35.3353072, 25.136075900000037
(+30) 28130 085 94

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Awards & Accolades

Winner of the superior taste award in 2009, International Taste & Quality Institute, Brussels. Winner of the grand mention award in 2007, Oil China International Competition, Shanghai. Certified Cretan origin by the E.U. and AGROCERT as P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin). More than 18 different magazine reviews in Greece. For more details please visit our website.

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