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Castillo de Piñar Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (OEVOO) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) enhance prepared foods both in appearance and flavor by adding a sweet and peppery finish to the taste. The best OEVOO and EVOO come from Picual Olives.

Picual olives take their name from the pointed shape (peak). Originally from Jaén and surrounding areas such as Granada and Cordoba, Picual Olives are the most highly sought after variety and produce oil known for its floral aroma, distinctive flavor, high Oleic Acid Content, and high Stability Rate.

Picual Olives are medium to large in size (3.2 grams on average) and have a meat to bone ratio of 5:6. Picual oil yield is high, up to 28% vs. the average of 22% per olive. These exquisite olives are harvested when they reach their flavor peak in early November to mid-December.


Our farms harvest Picual & Arbequina olives which yield a distinctive, savory & robust, yet delicate flavor. Each olive is handpicked from the tree then carefully separated and sorted according to soil and altitude grade. Only the best olives are selected to ensure olive oil production is of the highest quality.

The olives are brought to our cold press facility within hours of harvest to begin the oil extraction process. The olives are poured into receiving hoppers to be washed and rinsed naturally using fresh cold water before pressing.

The olives are cold pressed and then pumped to a decanter where the oil is extracted via centrifuge. The temperature is carefully regulated so that it is never higher than 80˚ F. This low temperature ensures the quality of the oil and is what is referred to as ‘cold pressed’.

Finally our oil passes through a proprietary, continuous micro-porous filter system to produce perfect oils. After the oil is cold pressed and filtered it is stored in stainless steel hoppers in the cellar.

All Castillo de Piñar employees are trained in food-safety procedures, and our oil is packaged under strict quality controls complying with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards. This guarantees the highest standards in food safety controls.

Olive trees were introduced to southern Spain by the Phoenicians around 1000 B.C., where the fertile soils and arid climate created a pristine environment for growing olive trees. Olive tree farming techniques and oil production processes were enhanced and perfected during the reign of Roman Emperor Adriano.

Castillo de Pinar Olive Oils are produced using these ancient olive farming, harvesting and processing techniques. This heritage combined with the most desired olives and our time-honored approach yield the highest quality, most flavorful olive oils in the world. Our farms harvest Picual & Arbequina olives which yield a distinctive, savory & robust, yet delicate flavor.

Our farms harvest olives from some of the world’s oldest producing trees in the Andalusia region of Spain. This area offers the most suitable climate and soil conditions for growing Picual and Arbequina olives which yield the best and most flavorful olive oils.

The distinctively savory & robust, yet delicate flavor of our olive oils comes from: The type of olives we grow, the timing of our harvest, the unique growing conditions, our care in the handling and processing of the fruit and the storage of our olive oils.

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