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Virgin origin

Extra Virgin, because of its very low acidity, 0.3%.
(Every olive oil below 0.8% acidity is named extra virgin). Our difference, Virgin Origin. This olive oil is a virgin product, meaning there are no preservatives added, originated from the trees and bottled straight away. We trust our olive groves to produce the high quality olive oil we are accustomed to, without any interference. We select each olive, one by one with our own hands, as did our fathers and our fathers’ fathers..

Natural character
We aim to offer a product exactly the way nature produced it. Each characteristic, the smell the color, the texture are all natural, the way nature intended them, with no artificial additivesaim to produce and offer exactly what comes out from nature herself. Even filtration with chemical filters is avoided in order to preserve the Natural Character of the Centaurs’ Earth Olive Oil. The filtration method we prefer is… patience. as the ancient centaurs said “if something is good, we allow it to sin and mature”.

Top quality
Let the analysis of our Centaurs’ Earth Olive Oil be the legitimate proof of our quality.
But let your senses savour the experience of gazing into the clear crystal bottle, taste the flavour and smell the aromas emegring once tou pop the cork. Let your artistic side inspire by our glorious ancestors, who have inspired us, to design such a meticulous bottle. Then you can trully understand the value of the… top quality product you have in front of you.

is to promote our virtues and apply them on our effort of preserving nature’s offerring. We have designed every step carefully in order to reassure ourselves of the quality product you may receive. Do not jump to conclusions, every little thing we create is examined by one great aspect. Once something is ready it is evaluated on a feellings test. Is it exciting, does it describe and reveal all of its value? If yes, good we keep it. If no, then we try again, from the bottom, never try to mimic others, always innovate!

From all the above we have reached to one conclusion. Nature provides this treasure of ingridient to us, and what makes it so special relies on the fact that it is pure, untouched, carefully extracted. After that one great challenge appeared. In what bottle will you enclose this natural treasure, the Centaurs’ Earth premium extra virgin olive oil, in order to support worthily its characteristics. How will you embody mythical and archaik history and tradition in a modern product?

The answer is well kept and waitting to be descovered in our solely handmade bottle. Take your time and give notice to every detail on it. The geometry of the bottle, the choice of an amfora which was the archaik Greek oil preserver, the wooden cap along with the natural cork. How the bottle is ornated and the choice of a canvas label. Being sealed with wax and authenticated with our stamp, the C’ E, short for Centaurs’ Earth. Ready the little booklet on the back side to find any detail you need. It took three people almost a year to reach the final state of the Centaurs’ Earth Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle. It takes ten hands to produce one and only bottle of Centaurs’ Earth.

Finally being ready to offer you this premium extra virgin olive oil, we would like to inform you that we keep a maximum tactic of three thousand bottles per year for the Centaurs’ Earth extra virgin olive oil. That is because we would like to restrict ourselves in offering only our own production and nothing more. So our bottles will be numbered from the very first one, until the last.

We not only claim to offer you the best that nature provides. We prove ​our methods too!

The actions of the young ones are being inspected by our fathers, but the result is left to be evaluated by our grandfathers. This is how three generations cooperate in order to achieve the best that nature provides. This is the way our ancestors’ houses operated, this is the way empires were built, this is the way we endorsed and adhere.

Though we aim to follow every tratidional step of olive oil production we need to be harmonized with the rules of modern production and packaging. Hygiene has to be certified and the methods followed need to be specified and approved. So we only use facilities that have been certified with HACCP and EN ISO 22000:2005 in order to make sure of the quality of our products.

Tradition may be the only way to achieve pure natural oil, but technology is not forgotten. Modern ways of control have to be aknowledged and used in every occasion. Mistakes have to be avoided and prevention is the best way to do so.

A centaur is a mythological creature with the head, arms, and torso of a human and the body and legs of a horse. They inhabitated the mount of Pelion in central Greece, Magnesia (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

The Myth
Like the satyrs, centaurs were notorious for being wild and lusty, overly indulgent drinkers and carousers, given to violence when intoxicated, and generally uncultured delinquents. Born of sun and raincloud, rendered by Greeks of the Classic period as from the union of the king Ixion, consigned to a fiery wheel, and Nephele (“cloud”), which in the Olympian telling Zeus invented to look like Hera.
The ‘Example’
Chiron, by contrast, was intelligent, civilized and kind, but he was not related directly to the other centaurs. He was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine. According to an archaic myth he was sired by Cronus when he had taken the form of a horse and impregnated the nymph Philyra. Chiron’s lineage was different from other centaurs, who were Myths in the Olympian tradition attributed Chiron’s uniquely peaceful character and intelligence to teaching by Apollo and Artemis in his younger days. Olive oil was one of Chiron’s most used ingridients in his medicine practice and his healing methods. Its farmaceutical attributes where known and developed from those ancient years until our modern times.

A great healer, astrologer, and respected oracle, Chiron was said to be the first among centaurs and highly revered as a teacher and tutor. Among his pupils were many culture heroes: Asclepius, Aristaeus, Ajax, Aeneas, Actaeon, Caeneus, Theseus, Achilles, Jason, Peleus, Telamon, Perseus, sometimes Heracles, Oileus, Phoenix, and in one Byzantine tradition, even Dionysus: according to Ptolemaeus Chennus of Alexandria, “Dionysius was loved by Chiron, from whom he learned chants and dances, the bacchic rites and initiations.
The Centaurs’ Earth
Pelion the mountain that hosted the Olympian gods for their pleasure. Homeland of the Centaurs and their greatest, Chiron an ancient beacon of science. Pelion took its name from the mythical king Peleus, father of Achilles. Pelion provides residence to 6000 wild flowers and 2500 wild plant species, second only to the Cape Provence of South Africa for floral diversity. Giving the opportunity to Chiron, to become a master of his time in medicine.

Inspired by nature herself and her greatness, we decided to manage this appreciated product and offer it to you. In its own virgin quality, no additives, no chemical ways, no illusions. ​


Treated only by our bare hands through the years, our fields have passed through three generations. Nature gives the opportunity, we take it one step further. Placed on the mountain of Pelion the home of the Centaurus’ our olive trees have kept their identity from ancient years.


What is nature’s part to our lives, how does she affect us and could we ever exist without her, meditations like the above have made mankind wonder through the centuries. We have come to one certain conclusion, neture is neither something different than mankind nor stands against us. We are a part of nature’s greatness, or may we declare ourselves to be her composers. Paying our tribute to her majesty every day, Centaurs’ Earth makes way to her evolvent, just following her inspiration. That is all we need from nature although she has provided us with everything we would ever dream of needing. People need inspiration, we need a vision and our vision is being implemented in the form of Centaurs’ Earth.


Every month our fields are being inspected and taken care of. We examine our trees and watch their developement gracefully. An effort is being made nothing to be left out of our attention. Details make the difference, if you pay attention to what your soil has to say then you only can be prepared and smoothen its effort.

Every action taken, always is according to what time has taught us. Patience is the ultimate tool, the one you cannot do without. But let us be more accurate about our methods… From the step of picking where you will plant your trees until the collection of the olives, thought has be invested so that every possible mistake is avoided and every available upside is taken advantage of.

Carefully sortened out, our fields are picked so that their orientation heads to the northeast side and the sun is plenty and strong.Sun is the father of all the living and is the utmost nourishment for our trees too. The soil is hard enough to be rich and intresting but not that much to prevent the trees from growing their roots. Height is medium for the local mountains from 300 meters to 600 and the reason is really simple. At this altitude there is no water from the underground to be used for watering, but that is not perceived as a downside, instead is a sign of trust, trust to the natural rain. Rain is what is really needed and what covers the other coefficients to the way of creation. After all the above what we get is a relatively steady every year production, we get a mediocre quantity of olives but what we aim is quality. Sacrifice quantity and time and you may be rewarded with rare quality.

Our trees, living for more than a hundred years in their own soil, have been rooted by our grand grandfathers four to six generations ago. They stand steady and motionless breathing the same air, receiving the very same nourishment, producing the very same produce. That is what guarantees us the quality of Centaurs’ Earth and offers a vote of confidence to our ambitions. Getting medium sized olives from our trees, we can say that they are quite efficient for olive oil production but also are not the most efficient someone could find. Development never stops, we plant new trees every year and raise them under the exemplar of our perenial trees, so that our sons will have the opportunity our fathers gave us generously.

Once a year we welcome the spring by reducing the volume of our trees and cutting down the branches that have dried out. We open the trees wide enough to receive plenty of sunlight and air, to repel excessive moist, and let the leaves feed and breathe. This way we ensure the tree is kept healthy and vivid. At the beginning of winter we fertilize the soil with natural fertilizers produced by nature herself or her offsprings. This way we offer enough time for the soil to absorb what it needs through the rainwater during the cold and wet days of the winter. Twice a year we clean the soil from other wild plants that can affect the growth of the live trees and four times a year we clear our trees from wild branches and other unwanted elements. Every month we inspect our work and correct any forgotten actions. It is imperative that the trees are taken care of regularly, only then will they reward your efforts with the named,

Centaurs’ Earth Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Business Details

Company Name:
Centaurs’ Earth
Operating Since:
Production Capacity:
Type of Business:
Producer, Seller
Company type sought:
Importing companies of Olive oil or foodstuff (Greek or not), Distributors, Supermarkets, Delicatessen stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Organic products stores, Companies in wholesale
Desired cooperation:
Partnership / Trade Cooperation, Wholesale, Export / Direct Sales
Olive Oil Qualities:
ok Standard
Number of Trees:
Olive Oil Distribution:
ok Standardized
Distribution Markets:
Europe, Russia
Patelis Menelaos
Languages Spoken:
Greek, English, Deutsch

Business Address

Sarakinou 60 , Volos, Magnesia, Greece
39.38140706673662, 22.962588484655726
+30 6973 595 058

Featured Product

Pitsos George
Centaurs’ Earth
Greece , Mountain Pelion
Koroneiki and Amfissis (they are never mixed, we bottle them in different products)
Product Packaging:
Glass Bottle, Handmade labeling: 0.5L

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Supermarkets in Greece, Germany, Italy

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  1. adam Jauw  |  

    Hi Export Manager,

    I am in the process to participate a tender to supply Olive Oil in bottle size of 10-12 ml, contract for 2 years. The items and the quantity is as follows :
    1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Natural; Quantity : 750 Cartons/yr.
    2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Truffle; Quantity : 55 Cartons/yr &
    3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Balsamic Vinegar; Qty : 275 Cartons.
    Packing : Carton x 4 Trays x 96 Bottles.
    – Oil should be Clear and without sediments.
    – Acidity must be lower than 1% limit.
    – At least nine (9) months self life from date of receipt by customer.
    Please quote best price to our email mentioned above urgently.

    Clamor Enterprises Pte Ltd.
    Telp : (65) 67373733

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