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Everything, Anything. From a drizzle on top of a poached egg, to a swirl on top of a cold potato soup. Grilled, steamed, fish, cold slice beef. Salads, a splash on top of a spicy stew, a small pool in the middle of yogurt dallop sitting on top of a spicy hot lamb dish.


The production of a high caliber olive oil is a series of processes that ensure the best possible product result, from fruit picking to final bottling. Operation efficient machine technology ensures ethical production, sanitation, state of the art extraction reflecting respect to the culture and tradition and yield of olive oil manufacture.

Yet for Daniolo, it is the production of the fruit itself that is the character of an olive oil. Like all young things, character is developed from very early on. Our production process begins before our trees begin to bear their season’s fruit; the care and nurturing of the soil, the pruning and grooming of the trees themselves. Stories say that the older caretakers of the land would play Greek folk music in the fields for the trees to listen and sway to.

Our production method is a cycle of love, patience, and respect; from the people’s heart and soul in caring for the land and orchard, to the heart and soul of yes a production plant.

Our company is the product of a warm summer night beneath the Aegean starry sky , where four people, a ripe sweet tomato flirting with a pool of olive oil, and a small bottle of ouzo, under the umbrella of an olive tree had a dream. A dream to share their wealth, the mesmerizing simplistic pleasure of that night with the world. And so this is how our story began.This is how our olive oil became our company.

Olive oil is our culture and our tradition and sharing is a gift we learned from our history and our forefathers; the sharing of democracy, of philosophy, of poetry and language, of hospitality.

So that summer, summer 2012, Capacious Enterprises was founded. Constantine Daniolos, the founder of the company and owner of Daniolo Olive Oil, took the knowledge he had gained growing up amongst olive groves and harvesting cycles, and decided that the rich pungent oil his orchards produced for until now-family, friends and neighbors- was going to be bottled and shared with the world.

Along with his small company of friends sharing the same vision, he launched his journey to bottle and market their own green liquid gold. Well aware of the many olive oils produced within their own country as well as other Mediterranean terrains, they were and remain undaunted to fulfill that starry nights dream.

Their drive is fueled by their desire not to compete-but to share the experience of uncapping a bottle of Daniolo revealing the fruity aroma that carrys with it a promise for what lies within. A promise for ones’ own starry Aegean night. A promise easily quenched and delivered by the elegant bottles intoxicating pungent contents, Daniolo Organic PDO N. Mylopotamos evoo.

“What can be more satisfying than the drunkeness of the Aegean sea and sun, a peasants loaf of bread and a bowl of beautiful olive oil.” (unknown poet)

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Capacious the Mediterranean Diet Company
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Mylopotamos - Rethymno, Greece
35.3483474, 24.785527099999968
+30 21089 59435

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