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It is a greenish golden oil, thick and sweet, which yields a markedly fruity oil, with obvious fragrances and flavors of ripe fruit, tomato, wild herbs, cooked artichoke, and green apple. It has a long, yet delicate finish.

It can be used with all kind of food.


Our harvest is manual and with Shaker. Our grove has irrigated and dry land orchards.

The oil is obtained by 2 phase centifugation with prevously cooled paste. Crushing is done with hammer and disk crusher. Our oil is unfiltered, in order to preserve the oil best sensorial properties.

SAOV – Sociedade Agrícola Ouro Vegetal, SA was established in 2004 with the objective of producing and marketing high quality oils. We are a young team and use modern technology while building on the rich experience of previous generations. Our focus is purely on olive oil, allowing SAOV to become internationally recognized as a benchmark of quality.

SAOV also extends its passion for excellence to its partnerships with major Portuguese, Chilean and Australian olive oil producers and packers. This collaboration involves technical support, consulting services and the extraction, supply and packaging of olive oil.

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Cabeço das Nogueiras
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SAOV – Soc. Agrícola Ouro Vegetal lda. Rua do Comércio, nr 105, 1º dto. 2200 – 050 ALFERRAREDE / ABRANTES
39.4719056, -8.189116399999989
241 361 466

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SAOV – Sociedade Agricola Ouro Vegetal SA
Cabeço das Nogueiras
Two Cultivars: Cobrançosa Galician

Awards & Accolades

  • 2010 – Second prize Mario Solinas Award – medium green fruitiness
  • 2011 – First prize Mario Solinas Award – medium green fruitiness
  • 2011 – First prize Expoliva – medium green fruitiness
  • 2012 – Third prize Mario Solinas Award – Ripe fruitiness
  • 2012 – LA Competition – Gold
  • Besides these, we had over the last three years 12 more awards in competitions all over the world.

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