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The Smell: The bouquet of Jordan Olive Oil is very elegant. You smell just enough ripened Olives, as they smell in your hand during harvest in october or november, with a hint of green Almonds. It´s smell is very distinctive for the quality. It can be easily recognized between others. The reason for that is that allways the same olives from the same fields on the island of Lesvos are used.

The taste: In the mouth it has mild and very balanced taste. The bitterness is pleasing and synchronized with it´s refreshing character. Slight tastes of artichoke and almond in the mouth, with a discreet piquant finish.

It is used by many top-rated chefs, with several of them carrying 3-Michelin-Stars, are using Jordan Olive Oil. They are treasuring the attribute of Jordan Olive Oil to be very mild and elegant. It´s appearance in a food-composition is unintrusive. In fact it lifts the taste of each ingredient. Therefore even unimaginable dishes like Mousse au Chocolat, Ice Cream or Mayonnaise are possible, by using Jordan Olive Oil.

The classical fields of cooking and food pairing are obviously also covered with Jordan Olive Oil. The taste of Salads, Sauces, Soups and pastries is being uplifted. Frying like vegetables, meat and especially fish should be done with Jordan Olive Oil. Jordan Olive Oil has been analyzed by the laboratory of Eurofins with a smoking point after heating at 194°C (381.2 °F).

A detailed analysis of the current vintage is published on the Jordan Olive Oil website.


The longest distance to the Olive Mill from one of our Olive groves is only a few kilometers.

The olive presses extract the olive oil using only state-of-the-art machines and in accordance with the regulations of the European Union. The olives are cold-pressed and processed naturally, preserving their distinct flavor and subtle aroma.

The used machines are all from Alfa Laval known as the Rolls Royce in the Olive Oil industry. Alfa Laval can provide the perfect combination of time-honored processing traditions and the correct technology – so we can get the best out of our olives. The system is perfectly customized to our needs.

Characteristics of the natural and high quality production process include naturally occurring turbidity and sediments. In this way, it is ensured that the valuable antioxidants and rich taste is maintained in the olive oil.

The modern bottling line is located directly in the olive mill, where the ready filled bottles and tins are packed into the final packing units and brought directly to our warehouse in Solingen, Germany and to the consumers.

Jordan Olive Oil was founded by Thomas Kerner and his son in law, Rolf Jordan who emigrated from Germany to Greece and bought an olive grove on the island of Lesvos. They are producing their own Olive Oil since the end of the late 80´s. Today Rolf´s son Bastian Jordan is running the family business. The company is growing deliberately slowly but constant. Over the years some schoolmates of Bastian joined the Business underlining the family environment in their business. Today Bastian Jordan is married with two children. Today his greek wife, who is a doctor and used to work in the medical business, is also working for Jordan Olive Oil. With employees in germany and in greece, the company has a very international horizon.

The philosophy of the company: A fair partnership with all human associates and a sustainable dealing with nature and to produce one of the world’s best olive oils for a reasonable price.

The Family owned Olive Groves are located in the south of Lesvos near the Ouzo Capital Plomari. The island is very hilly with almost no flat land. Therefore the trees are cultivated in terraced way. Each tree has a stone wall with laying bricks build by hand which needs to be constantly corrected. This work is necessary in order to supply the trees with the few natural rainwater available. Otherwise the water would flow into the valleys without sinking deep enough for the tree to benefit of it. The result is a fine balanced amount of water, just enough to grow the olives, but little enough to not affect the taste. The difficult circumstances are as well challenging as a rewarding investment. The consequential result is a superior Quality of the Olive Oil.

The harvest takes place around october or november, depending on the weather conditions and is finished within a few weeks. The harvested olives are brought to the mill within a few hours in order to prevent the oxidation of the olive fruit.

The fertilizing is done by natural means tby sheeps and goats running through the groves. There are many on the island because of the many Feta and other Cheese productions on Lesvos.

Everything is done organic. In order to prevent the fruit fly to harm the olives, traps are hanged in the trees instead of using pesticides.

We believe in hard work, passion, a lot of love and a long term objective with the focus on generations.

Location Family Estate and Family Olive Groves:
Bambatsa, Plomari, Island of Lesvos, Greece

Location of Warehouse:
Friedenstraße 38b, 42699 Solingen, Germany



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Business Address

Bambakia Plagia - Trigonas Island of Lesvos Greece 81200
38.9764837, 26.366163400000005
(+49) 212 382 0969

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