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Our organic extra virgin olive oil first cold press Carrasqueña variety is characterized by a consistent fruity taste and smell, with hints of grass. Balanced sour and which rarely exceeds 0.2 °.

To avoid to modifying its properties, a soft filtering is applied.

We recommended our oil to dress your salad, finish your favorite fish or vegetable recipes, or simply to enjoy it on top of a slice of bread, Baeturia will bring to your palate a piece of Mediterranean life.


Choosing properly the time of collection will directly influence the quality of our product. At Baeturia we do not wait until the olive reaches its maximum weight, rather its ideal moment of maturity, which transmits a unique flavor, smell and color to our olive oil

We discard all dropped fruit, and the harvest is sent immediately to the mill ,which is no longer that 5km (3 milles), to produce our extra virgin oil is always on the same day.

Most of the the olive trees are between 100 and 200 years old. The olive oil yield of the “Carrasqueña” variety is not the highest compared with others, but its quality is very high.

To get true rewards from the efforts made to produce an premium quality organic olive oil, it is critical to transport the olives to the mill and process the olive oil on the same day the olives are collected. After grinding and beating the olive paste, it is then cold extracted. The production process of olive oil Baeturia is made solely by mechanical means.

Before being bottled, the olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks to protect the oil from light and direct contact with the air, which would accelerate the natural oxidation of extra virgin olive oil.

Since centuries, the small village of Medina de las Torres, the ancient Roman Contributa Iulia, in Southwest Spain has been producing artisan olive oil mostly for local consumption. This tradition of caring about the complete process needed to produce excellent extra virgin olive oil, which is now called organic agriculture but on the Santo Domingo property has never been done differently.

We believe in sustainability, in environmentally friendly agriculture and products that are healthy for us.

We believe in quality, which we pursue through the most careful selection of the best organic olive groves, unique varietals, harvested at their optimum moment and delivered to the mill (which is never more than 5 km), for cold press processing.

We believe in design. We have taken care of every detail of the packaging for a product made ​​with such a care, that it will be an enjoyable experience from the moment it arrives it in your hands.

As a matter of principal Baeturia promotes sustainable agriculture. We do not pollute, our products are healthier and help improve income for local farmers.

The organic olive grove is characterized by the non-use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. This is reflected not only with respect to the environment, but also by the absence of these substances in the fruit which is the only ingredient of our extra virgin olive oil.

By harnessing natural resources such as soil quality, rainfall, ground cover, insects or domestic animals, our ecological olive groves yield performance that is similar to conventional ones, but with noticeably better quality.

In Baeturia Organic, the olive grove and the people who work on it are what is most important to us and we like to say that Baeturia is the olive oil of artisan olive groves.

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C/ Ramón y Cajal, 9 Medina de las Torres CP: 06320 (Badajoz) SPAIN
38.3409229, -6.411197799999968
(+34) 915 196 338

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