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During a smell test you will find that Ariston Extra Virgin olive oil smells like the fruit from which it is made, grassy and fruity tasting notes. Ariston Extra Virgin olive oil goes best with meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, salads, and pasta.


The picking of the olives at our farms starts from October to November. The fruit is handpicked manually from the trees, using ladders to reach the upper branches and a rake-like device, which is dragged over the branches by hand causing the olives to fall onto nets or large fabric pieces that are spread on the ground around the tree. These nets are spread out during the harvest and are not there permanently. At the same time that the olive fruit is picked, the tree is pruned as required. The olives are then placed into burlap sacks and pressed within 24-48 hours to prevent the olive from ripening. The olives are put through a wash and then made into a paste from which the Extra Virgin Olive oil is extracted at room temperature i.e cold pressed.

Ariston Specialties are producers, importers, and distributors of the award winning extra virgin olive oil from Greece. We started in the spring of 1997 as a small family business, first bringing in to Connecticut cold press extra virgin olive oil that was and still is produced by our family in the Kalamata region of Greece. Our mission from the very beginning was to provide the American Food Market and eventually the world with premium unsurpassed Extra Virgin Olive oil at an affordable price.
This year alone our Extra Virgin Olive oil has won Silver at the Los Angeles International Olive oil Competition and “Most Favorite” at the Sial Olive D’Or Exhibition in Montreal Canada. Combining time tested cultivation methods with new technology, we are proud to offer our Ariston Extra Virgin olive oil.

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Best in Connecticut several years within the period 2001-2012 Interanational Olive oil Competition Florida 2008 Gold Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive oil Competition April 2008- Bronze Los Angeles Interational Extra Virgin Olive oil Competition April 2012- Silver SIAL Olive D’Or Montreal Canada May 2012- “Attendees Award” i.e voted as “Most Favorite” from the exhibition Featured on NPR “The Food Schmooz” Featured on “Making it Here” PBS WGBY Featured in The Boston Globe Featured in The Hartford Courant

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