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Fruitiness intense, in the mouth has a bitter and spicy balanced, medium intensity, slightly sweet taste. Different secondary aromas, reminiscent of ripe fruit mainly, artichoke, almond, walnut and tomato. It is very balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


It was at the beginning of 1919, when the old olive mills and wooden presses were dismantled and a group of farmers took the decision to create a Cooperative Association, in order to grind their own olives without depending on traders who had been established because of the recently installed mills in the city of Les Borges Blanques. This project was entrusted to the architect César Martinell, because of his respected reputation as the creator of different wine cellars in the area of Tarragona.

The “Sindicat” as it was known at that time, milled over one hundred million kilos of olives during the first fifteen years of its existence.

After this major change, a new development of fertilizers and machinery helped farmers to buy this product with competitive prices. Because of these advancements a new warehouse was built.

Prior to the Spanish Civil War, the Sindicat had a very credible reputation throughout the nation due its good administration and technical works. It is worthy to note the work of the first President and General Manager during the years preceding the Civil War. He was Mr. Ramon Pifarre i Bellmunt.

After the Spanish Civil War ended, Mr. Miquel Puig took over the management of the syndicate and began the task of introducing the Cooperative to the new rules made by the new government as shown in the 1940’s law of Cooperatives. The first thing to do, according to this new law, was changed the name of the Sindicat to “Cooperativa del Campo”. This new entity also took over the other syndicate known as “Sindicat de la vila d’Arbeca Nova”. The 1950’s saw post-war misery through food restrictions and rationing but when the Cooperative restarted, it managed to control a considerable amount of fruits that led to them becoming a productive and profitable Cooperative. And so, in 1958 the Cooperative was named “Sociedad Cooperativa del Campo La Arbequina.”

Around 1960, due to the growth of Arbequina olive productions, the council made the decision to increase the production capacity by putting together the existing mills in the village. This structure worked well until the decision was made, in the 80’s, to start using a mechanical mill, patented by the Italian trademark “Pieralisi”. In 1998, the old mills were changed for modern mills that adapted well to new technologies. Thanks to these new designs the Cooperative obtained higher quality olive oil.

In 1983 the Cooperative adapted its statutes according to the new autonomic government and changed its name to “SCCL del Camp L’Arbequina” which was later changed in 2009 to the current name of “Arbequina i Secció de Crèdit SCCL”, as the result of the fusion with another Cooperative of a neighbouring village.

The actual turnover is about four million euros and apart from selling Extra Virgen Olive Oil they also sell cereals and almonds from their partenrs, of which they have over 700.

Arbequina’s goal is to offer the best quality Extra Virgen Olive Oil to its customers and through these hard efforts they have obtained many different awards.

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