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Eleia possesses one of the largest olive groves in Greece with around 40,000 trees in the Lechaina Plains in the South Ilia prefecture. Our olive grove spreads over even soil with slight variations in morphology which, coupled with the highly sandy soil, contribute to rainwater drainage and to maintaining a dry climate — a prerequisite for the growth of olive trees. The cultivar we produce is our native Koroneiki cultivar, which gives us a distinctly fruity and aromatic extra virgin olive oil with an indisputably Greek temperament. Based on the organoleptic analysis conducted by specialized scientists of the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, the product has been dubbed “a rare olive oil with highly fruity and strong aroma, and with a perfectly balanced taste alluding to wild herbs.” It suggested enjoying it raw with bread and in the salad. In Eleia’s website you may also find very tasty and healthy recipes.


Harvesting takes place from mid-October to early November. Agriculturalists, who examine the olive trees and their crop throughout the year, indicate the most appropriate maturity stage which would yield the highest possible quality and the lowest possible acidity rate. Olives are transferred on the same day from the grove to the oil-press where olive oil is produced through mechanical only processing, namely by means of cold pressing.

Eleia is a new and fresh brand emerging from a centuries-long tradition and aspiring to achieve a harmonious blend of the past with the present. Our olive trees, planted by my great-grandfather, my grandfather and myself throughout the years, span over a century. The unique quality extra virgin olive oil this olive tree farm offers us has been highly valued for decades now by both merchants and consumers. I undertook the decision of planting additional olive trees to the already existing ones and thereby creating one of Greece’s largest olive tree farms as a reaction to the ecological disaster that took place in the summer of 2007 where thousands of hectares in the Peloponnese area were burnt down. Following the footsteps of my ancestors it fulfils me with pride and love for something that is uniquely Greek and binds us with our roots and nature. Eleia emerged from the global need and awareness for high quality and elegant products whose origins can be clearly traced by the consumer. Aiming to a strictly personal engagement and product distribution, we want to achieve unique quality and aesthetic pleasure, and satisfy even the most demanding of consumers. The cornerstone of our philosophy is the establishment of key partnerships which will embrace and promote Eleia’s true values.


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44, Politechniou Street 27033, Lechaina, Ilia Greece
37.9385638, 21.266862700000047
(+30) 26230 22 972

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Please refer to the sites below: The Dieline Trend Hunter Daily Clicker Theos Design Joysco.comAn article about Eleia will also be included in the Monocle Magazine in its September issue.

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