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Unmatched all purpose extra virgin olive oil. True olive flavor with grassy, herbal, and buttery tones, not woody or seedy. Great with salads, bread dipping, cooking, oven roasted meats, sautees, fish, basting anthing on the grill, including meats, veggies, squash, etc.


Family farmer cooperative of the Hania province on the Island of Crete. Hand picked early harvest on small family/estate farms. Old world, biodynamic farming methods. Each village has it’s own press. The olives are pressed within a few hours of harvesting. Also, on Crete it is prohibited by law to spray pesticides onto the olive trees. Instead the farmers use bait and traps to control the olive fly. Every barrel of olive oil brought to the co-op by the farmers is thoroughly and strictly tested for authenticity, purity, acidity, etc.; the general manager himself is a chemist by trade and has worked at the co-op for many years. Aptera Olive Oil is bottled and packaged at the co-op. Not imported in flexitanks and bottled here in the USA.

As many now know olive oil has been produced on Crete for thousands of years. ABEA Cooperative that produces Aptera Olive Oil was founded in 1889 in the Hania province of Crete. Most of the family farmers in the Hania province are members of ABEA Cooperative. The Hania province is a Protected Geographic Indication for olive oil and other food products by the European Union.

Aptera Imports was founded in 1994 in the USA by Nicholas Souvall, and Aptera Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been available here in the USA since then. Many members of Nicholas’ extended family are also olive farmers and members of ABEA Cooperative in the Hania province. The olive cultivars in the Hania province of Crete are Koroneiki, Mastoidis and Tsounati.

Around 500 natural/gourmet and super markets throughout the western USA.

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Aptera Imports

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Hania - Crete, Grecce
35.5138298, 24.01803670000004
801 273 8078

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Koroneiki, Mastoidis, Tsounati

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