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Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil
We currently have Kalamata and Laconian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our premium extra virgin olive oil, and our organic extra virgin olive oil are made solely from “Koroneiki” variety olive. Our olive groves producers are located in the municipality of East Mani and and Kalamata.

Sunshine and ideal climatic and soil conditions, the right altitude (250—320 m), the quality of the olive trees (non-irrigated), along with the purity of the area, that has not been burdened with heavy industries, ensure the excellent quality of our products.
Harvesting of olives is done by hand, and is crushed strictly within 24 hours by mechanical means “cold pressed”, in temperatures well below 25ο and then the olive oil is been stored in stainless steel tanks away from the sun & light. This way the olive oil retains its unique antioxidant properties.
Our premium extra virgin olive oil, and our organic extra virgin olive oil “Eulogea” have a yellowish green, gold color and their shades depend on the ripeness of the olive fruit at harvest. They have a slight bitterness, which disappears over time, and its scent is fruity, and especially strong when it is fresh.

Superior Category Exra Virgin Olive Oil & Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The exemplary oil mill that produces and processes our olive oils is free from
any other oils than extra virgin olive oil in order to avoid any impurities
The acidity is up to 0.5% with superior taste, color and aroma.
Koroneiki olive is high in oleic acid and polyphenols, making the olive oil not only healthy but also with many health benefits.
Furthermore, Koroneiki olive produces one of the best olive oils in the world, which has been highly praised for its mild, juicy and refreshing taste.

ALH is a Greek exporting company that specializes in premium Greek Traditional products from different regions of Greece. We’re family owned and operated. Our philosophy is to bring you only the best quality products we would feed to our own family.
We cooperate with select local producers and local small factories that provide only the best products to our clients.

Because of our experienced partners and producers we are cooperating with, we can accomodate large orders. All products are in excellent quality and carefully selected before they are sent to you.

We are exporting in countries all over Europe and especially the Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, etc) and Russia. Our clients are mostly large wholesalers from Greece and the Balkans.

Our motto is “Pure. Clean. Authentic.” Just like our grandparents taught us.

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