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Harvesting is done when the olive fruit has acquired a faint yellow to violet hue, depending on the degree of ripening.It is carried in vegetable fiber sacks to the oil mill right after harvesting, where joint crushing is taking place.Extra virgin olive oil is produced by cold pressed centrifugation and stored in stainless tanks through a closed circuit and then distributed .
Ideal for cooking but an excellent oil for fresh salads. It is with fresh vegetables when it is best assortment offering a unique taste.It is the main element of the Cretan diet which is widely recognised as the most healthy diettogether with cereals, fresh vegetables and fish.
 bitter and sweet
The extra virgin olive oil is extracted by cold pressure centrifigation and removed in closed circuit stainless tanks. It is disposed of within two months.The extra virgin olive oil is produced at the cooperative’s mill.This is recognised by the PAD and holds the appropriate operating permit. Production is electronically recorded: the computer system enters on every piece of printed matter the code number allotted when the mill was recognised. This is one of the requirements imposed for the purposes of the olive oil production aid scheme.In connection with production security, the joint ‘declaration of production of PDO or PGI olive oil’ by the oil producer and the crusher of the olives will carry the mill’s code number and will be one of the documents required for certification of production of the PDO or PGI oil. Naturally the same will apply for any other mill that may be installed in the specified geographical area for production of Thrapsano PDO olive oil.
Olives have been grown in the village of Thrapsano from the most ancient times. Production and storage of extra virgin olive oil is attested by comparison of the earthenware jars of the Minoan period inthe palaces of Knossos with those still made today by the potters of the village and also by the will of Andrea Giacomo Kornaros indicating Thrapsano as a fief of his family.
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Company Name:
Agricultural Cooperative of Thrapsano
Production Capacity:
in ½ liter, 1 liter glass bottles, and in 5 liter tin cans.
Languages Spoken:
Greek, English

Business Address

Thrapsano Heraklion Crete 70006 GREECE
35.1878256, 25.2811332
+30 28910 41212

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Agricultural Cooperative of Thrapsano

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