Italian Study Endorses Mediterranean Diet's Benefit for Stroke Prevention

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A recent review of the role of Mediterranean diet in relation to the risk of stroke found that the traditional Mediterranean way of eating, including societal and cultural factors, is a cost-effective intervention to lower the risk of stroke and other vascular conditions. The review was conducted by Antonio Di Carlo of the Institute of Neuroscience, Italian National Research Council in Florence, Italy, and colleagues, and was published in Volume 8 of the Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia.

The authors described their approach, saying, “We will review main evidences on the links between nutrition and cerebrovascular disease, focusing on fruit and vegetables, and olive oil, considered in light of their role as components of the Mediterranean diet.” They looked first at how fruit and vegetable consumption affect the risk of stroke, and found studies conducted around the world, all of which concluded that the consumption of more fruits and vegetables reduced the risk of stroke. The reduction varied depending on the study, but taken together, they appear to demonstrate that fruits and vegetables lower stroke risk.

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