Italian Olive Oil Producer Bellucci Premium Comments on a New Olive Oil Validating Process

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Following a recent article published by The Sentinel which reveals a new method of olive oil production and authenticity testing, Bellucci Premium releases a statement.

On July 22, Bellucci Premium comments on California’s recent attempt to produce and test olive oil more efficiently.

According to an article published by The Sentinel on July 4th titled, “Ag at large: Olives in bloom trigger oil boom,” California growers are being pushed to develop better growing methods due to the high demand of olive oil from chefs. In California, a new planting system that puts olive oil trees only inches apart not only lets the farms plant more trees, but also makes it easier for machines to extract the olives, according to the article.

Even though California has adapted its processes to help with the demand of olive oil, “98 percent of the olive oil in American grocery stores comes from Europe. Producers in Italy, Spain, France and other European and Mediterranean countries have dominated the American market for decades,” says the article.

Since there has been an issue with brands diluting their olive oil with other oils, the Agricultural Research Service has developed a cost effective way to check for diluents. With just a teaspoon sized sample, their test can determine if the concentration of diluents is 5% or higher. The process only takes between two and two and a half hours, which helps get the bottles on shelves quicker.

“New testing to make sure that olive oil is not diluted will bring comfort to consumers,” says Natalie Sexenian, marketing manager for Italian olive oil producer Bellucci Premium. “At Bellucci Premium, we take all of the proper steps to ensure the freshness of our extra virgin olive oil. We include a traceability app on every bottle so that consumers can see where the olives that produced their bottle of Bellucci Premium were grown.”

Bellucci offers three different types of oil, including an organic option, with a mild peppery flavor and fruity undertones that will satisfy any palate. Bellucci Premium Toscano extra virgin olive oil uses olives that are grown on the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, and maintained by 3rd and 4th generation farmers. The third type of oil Bellucci produces is the finest 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, grown in many different regions of Italy.

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