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In the middle Ages, ‘laudemio’ was the flower of the harvest, the part assigned to nobles’ table. Today, the trademark ‘Laudemio’ is a symbol for gourmets’ table all over the world. It is appreciated by people who love the extraordinary oil art of Tuscany and its masterpieces. History, tradition, genuineness, respect for this land and environment are the rules of the whole production process of Laudemio, from the natural cultivation of olive trees to the selected picking of the fruit, when its ripening is at its best stage. After picking, the olives are ready for becoming the so-called ‘green gold of Tuscany’, by means of extraction process, rigorously cold, up to the bottling and careful preservation of the product. The companies which produce olives for this precious oil give their product to special control organizations and two very rigorous commissions, which taste them in order to carry out the final selection: only the best extra-virgin olive oil produced by the best producers, a perfectly genuine, integral oil, has the opportunity of making use of the trademark ‘Laudemio’. This is the reason for which every drop of Laudemio is the unique and unmistakable expression of fruit, land, place, and time which characterize every producer.

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