IOC Report: Table olive market progress in 2013/14

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According to the provisional figures for the 2013/14 crop year, world table olive production looks set to be
similar to the season before, lying at around 2 511 500 t. The member countries of the IOC will produce more
than 91 pc of world tonnage this season.

Compared with 2012/13, the share of the EU producer countries in the IOC total will drop overall by 6 pc.

Production will be higher in Spain (up by 16 pc to 569 800 t) and Portugal (up by 9 pc to 13 600 t) but lower (-49 pc) in Greece due to bad weather and in Italy (-45 pc). In the
rest of the IOC Members the provisional figures point to a 4 pc increase in production versus 2012/13.

Turkey, where table olive production has been climbing constantly over the years, is expected to produce a record
430 000 t, equating with 5 pc growth. Output is expected to total 400 000 t in Egypt (-12 pc), 168 500 t in
Algeria (-4 pc), 140 000 t in Argentina (+133 pc), 134 000 t in Syria (no change), 100 000 t in Morocco (no
change), 68 000 t in Iran (+74 pc) and 25 000 t in Jordan (-11 pc). Production by non-IOC member countries
will be at around the same level as the season before (222 000 t).

Consumption in 2013/14 is expected to be slightly down on the season before while exports are lower than
imports (Table 1). Section I.2 gives more information about table olive imports in 2013/14.


International Olive Council Market Newsletter No 84 – June 2014

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